Everything You Need to Know About Coworking Spaces

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, February 28, 2019
Two-thirds of managers who allow their employees to telecommute have reported that those employees who work remotely are more productive overall than those who work in the office. And with the number of telecommuting employees growing rapidly (115% in the last 10 years!) it's no wonder that a variety of spaces are popping up for remote working.

Everything You Need to Know About Coworking Spaces
When you think of the typical remote employee or freelancer the picture that probably pops into your head is of a person chilling at their local Starbucks with their laptop and headphones. But there are so many more options!

Coworking spaces have been popping up more and more recently and offer a great alternative to the tired, old options working from your kitchen table or the local coffee shop.

Read on to discover why coworking spaces are way better than working out of your home or a coffee shop.

What Is Coworking?

Across the globe, 70 percent of people work remotely at least one day per week. And those people are often searching for the perfect place to do their remote work.

Coworking is about building a community out of those remote workers who are all working for different companies or employers but who are still searching for the community of an office space. Coworking spaces seek to foster an environment where people who are working for different employers or who are self-employed can share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.

Coworking is about creating a better place to work and a better way of working. Coworking spaces are community centers and they're about bringing together people who share values and beliefs but who all work for different employers.

When working with people who you feel bonded to it improves productivity and quality of work. Because a happy employee is a better employee.

Put simply, culture is a huge draw of coworking spaces.

What Are Coworking Spaces Like?

Another draw of coworking spaces is the flexibility of the office space. You can work at anything from a traditional desk to open-seating large tables, to private meeting rooms and more. Coworking spaces are shared workspaces that offer office space for those who want to escape the isolation of working alone at a coffee shop or at home.

Coworking spaces offer so much more than just office space though. As mentioned above, they offer community. And often the space is designed to allow you to take advantage of that community.

With a growing rise in coworking spaces around the globe, many are seeking to remain competitive by offering more than just desks and private meeting rooms. they offer coffee bars, ping pong tables, hammocks for naps... And so much more!

Coworking office spaces are about allowing you to create your ideal office environment while still getting work done.

Who Uses Coworking Spaces?

Freelancers love coworking spaces. It gives them the ability to do their work on their own terms, set their own hours, and still get the community that happy employees thrive on.
Remote employees also love coworking spaces. It gives them the sense of an office space without actually having to go into the office of their employer. And the best part? They can choose the office vibe they want by picking the coworking space that's right for them.

But you know who loves coworking spaces even more than freelancers and remote employees? Start-ups.

Coworking spaces give start-ups a place to bring their employees together without having to pay for a full private office space of their own. Offering desks, private meeting rooms, and phone booths - coworking spaces give start-ups everything they need for an office feel without the major costs.

Additionally, using a coworking space allows members of the start-up to interact with others who work in the space - giving them the chance to meet new people, possibly find new employees, and maybe get new ideas.

This is actually something that can be beneficial to everyone who works in a coworking space - whether they're a freelancer, a remote employee, or a start-up employee. Coworking spaces give members the chance to network with those who work next to them. Meaning that you can build a network without ever having to step foot in a traditional office.

What About the Cost?

While a coworking space - renting a desk or private meeting room, for example - is certainly less expensive than renting out an entire private office space, it can sometimes become cost prohibitive for individuals.

First, the good news.

Coworking spaces allow you to rent out only what you need. They're flexible in terms of what they offer and how you can pay for it. There are various membership models that include options for daily fees or monthly fees. And costs vary based on whether you use a shared desk or want a dedicated one.
So, the good news is that you have options and can work with the space to find a membership model that works for your budget.

But the bad news is that in major cities like New York, Chicago or LA, costs can sometimes be upward of $500 per month for space in a coworking office. And while there are certainly options for cheaper coworking spaces - check out this post by KettleSpace, for example - this often means that the coworking space comes with fewer amenities.

But, more good news! There are still cost-effective coworking space options in most places - even major cities - which means that while you may not have a ping pong table, you will have the option of combatting the isolation and loneliness of working by yourself in your home office. You can still get the community of a coworking space.

The Brass Tacks

Here's the skinny: Coworking spaces offer a lot of great amenities and perks.

They offer a variety of office space options, like dedicated desks and meeting rooms. They offer fun options for when you need a break, like ping pong tables and meditation rooms. And they offer the chance to skip the isolation and work next to people who share your values and work ethics.

And while coworking spaces can be expensive, there are enough of them out there than you are almost guaranteed to find one that fits your budget.

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