Can You Apply for Equity Release for your Business?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, March 4, 2019
This is a question that most business people grapple with as they get older. One gets to a point where they just want to enjoy life after working so hard to ensure that the company, they own is profitable. However, equity release in its true sense is not possible with a business. That’s because, in the legal sense, it entails getting money off of a property without having to sell or remortgage it.

For a businessperson looking to release some equity from their business, there are two options.

The first one is to look for investors. This entails selling a minority stake in the company to a strategic investor. This allows for business continuity, while at the same time giving the owner access to money that they can retire with, and enjoy life without obligations. This option works well especially for family businesses, since the incoming partners can bring in new ideas, while handling management issues on behalf of the family.

The other option is to use your property to get money, by releasing its equity. This is the best way to raise money for whatever you would want to do in life. As a business person that has property, this is a route worth taking. That’s because, you get the money to do whatever you want, without having to sell a stake in your company. All you need to do is visit a reputable equity release company, such as responsible equity release. You can visit their website at for details about their equity release plans.

One of the basics you need to know about responsible equity release is that, you need to be over 55 years of age. This makes sense since this is the age at which, most people start seriously considering retirement. It’s the age at which, business people start feeling the need to relax, and step away from the daily grind.

It’s also interesting to note that, even after you release equity from your property, you still retain the deeds to its ownership. This gives you the freedom to enjoy yourself, while at the same time living in your home. As for the repayment, you can enter into an agreement in which, your heirs repay the loan after you are gone, and keep the property. This way, you secure their future, while at the same time getting to enjoy your retirement in peace, actualizing whatever unmet dreams you may have had in your youth.

Clearly, taking the step to get equity release from a company like responsible equity release is a far much better idea than selling a stake in your business. You never know how the partners you bring in by selling a stake may impact your business. A partner without the same strategic vision that you have held since you started your business may compromise its future success. This may affect not just your chances of a proper retirement, but also the future of your heirs. That’s not something any retiree would want for their future generations.

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