IT Policies Every Small Business Should Have and Implement

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, March 2, 2019
IT spending is on the rise among small business owners. Small businesses account for 40% of all IT spending.

It makes sense, considering that 66% of small businesses would fail without wireless technology. 77% of small businesses use social media to generate sales and qualified leads, as well.
No matter what type of business you're running, you're not likely to get very far if you don't incorporate technology is some way, shape, or form.

Here are the IT policies that every small business owner should implement, if you haven't already.

IT Policies For Small Business

The days of just winging IT policies are quickly receding in the rear view mirror. Technology is too important to a business' success. The fallout can be too severe, as well.

Here are the types of IT policies you should be using to make the most of your technology.

#1 Acceptable Usage of Technology

If your business involves tech in any way - and what business doesn't? - you need to decide what is acceptable usage of company technology when employees are on the clock.

You need to decide what employees can use company computers and wireless device for. If they're using computer technology for research, you need to make sure your employees are actually doing what they're supposed to.

While you don't need to be a dictator, you should at least make sure your employees are limiting their personal activities when they're on the clock. While checking email once or twice a day isn't that big of a deal, spending hours on Facebook or Twitter definitely is.

#2 Security

Considering what a big deal security breaches have been in recent years, your business definitely needs to have a security policy in place. You need to specify who has access to your private network and data storage. You also need to restrict who has access to your passwords, permissions, and authorization policies.

You'll want to have a good anti-virus in place, as well. If you think having your personal computer infected is a pain, you don't want to see what a virus can do to an entire network! Here are some of the top antivirus you can use for the same-

#3 Personal Devices

While this is somewhat covered under the 'acceptable usage' category, you'll want to specify what technology your employees are allowed to use while they're on the clock. Not only are personal devices bad for productivity, they're also a security risk. Many major corporations issue their employees dedicated phones and laptops, for this reason.

You might want to consider limiting your employees' usage of personal devices to breaks or before and after work. This will make your workplace more secure, while also ensuring your employees are doing what they're supposed to be doing while they're on the clock.

If you want to know more about what IT policies your business should have, you can learn more here.

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There's never been a better time to own your own business. Technology has leveled the playing field, allowing small businesses to compete against Fortune 500 giants.

There's nothing more satisfying than building your own business or brand and succeeding. Whether you're looking for information on IT policies or for SEO secrets, we bring you everything you need to thrive in today's economy!

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