5 Tips for Finding Great Software Consultant Companies

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, February 28, 2019
Is your company ready to hire a software consulting company? Hiring a consultant is a decision most companies make as their business grows.

A software consultant is crucial for a lot of companies, therefore, this job has seen a steady 24% growth in the last few years.

5 tips for finding software consultant companies

Before you hire a consultant, you need to know what software companies have to offer and what you're looking for. Check out these 5 tips.

1. What Do You Need From a Consultant?

The first step when you're trying to find a software consultant is to determine what you need from the consultant.

Start by writing a list and describe the tasks you want the consultant to help you with and the tasks you can handle by yourself. Making this list will help you have a clearer idea of the type of consultant you will be looking for.

Also, think about whether you want an independent consultant or a firm. If saving money is a priority, an independent consultant will fit more within your budget.

However, software consulting firms have more resources such as project management teams to help with the work.

2. Designate Who Will Select the Consultant

If too many people are in charge of hiring the consultant, then it could be difficult to satisfy everyone's criteria.

Instead of getting everybody's input, select a small team that will be in charge of choosing the consultant.

The team should be proactive about sticking to the criteria and select a consultant efficiently.

3. Do Your Research

Before hiring a software consultant, it's important you do your research. Even if their pitch impressed you, there's no reason why you can't talk to their previous clients for additional input.

If the consultant comes from a strong software development team, look into the reputation of the firm. Learn about the firm's strengths and weaknesses as well as their financial strength.

4. Use Your Time and Their Time Carefully

Before a software consultant meets with you, it requires a lot of time and preparation. If you're requesting information and materials before the meeting, ensure you only ask for what you need.

Don't request materials that will not benefit your decision process. If the last thing you want is to read through a long sales pitch, ask the consultant to keep it short and simple.

Not only will you thank yourself for not reading a long proposal, but they will appreciate if you're mindful of their time.

5. Be Specific About the Work

Make sure you're specific about the work you need the consultant to perform:
  • Area of expertise you desire
  • Level of experience 
  • Scope of the work
  • Firm expectations
  • Time-critical milestone achievements 
All of these elements should be provided to the consultant before the initial proposal. The more information you provide them is crucial for a successful sales pitch.

How to Choose Software Consultant Companies

Although there are many software consultant companies out there, you need to focus on finding the one that will best fit your business.

Make sure you specify what you need from a consultant, put a small team in charge of the selection, and be specific about the work.

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