Why Good Packaging Design is So Important for Your Products

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, January 14, 2019
Do you have a product that you're excited to share with the world?

Creating and distributing a new product into the market isn't always a simple task. In fact, nearly 95 percent of products introduced into the marketplace fail each year.

While sometimes the primary issue may be the product itself, this isn't always the case. Instead, the leading issue may be that the packaging design simply fails to catch the attention of the consumer. When this happens, the product within the packaging becomes irrelevant and eventually lost.

Why Good Packaging Design is So Important for Your Products
If you're creating a product or designing your packaging, it's essential that you read this. We're uncovering six of the most significant reasons why good packaging is so important for your product.

While what's on the inside is what matters the most in life, it's typically the outside that grabs the initial attention of others.

1. The First Point of Contact

First things first, your outside packaging is the primary point of contact for consumers.

When a consumer approaches a shelf that contains a number of similar products, your goal is to create a product that naturally jumps out. In the event that your product is hidden within the packaging, use your packaging to tell a story about your product and prove it's worth.

Remember, good packaging doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, the majority of consumers today will opt for packaging design that is clean, simple and contemporary.

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2. It Tells a Story About Your Product 

In today's day and age, the bests products are associated with the best stories.

Let's keep in mind that consumers today are interested in learning more about how a product came to fruition and what the company stands for.

Learning more about the brand helps the consumer feel a personal connection with the company. When this personal connection takes place, the consumer is more likely to support your business and invest in your products.

With that said, be sure to use your packaging design to tell a story about your product. This is a story that is going to resonate with your target audience and persuade them to believe in your product.

3. It Contains Information 

As much as your packaging design is focused on the desire to be visually appealing, remember that it also must contain information.

Your packaging design is your opportunity to provide text to your audience that speaks to the product. This is where you can list the qualities of the product that will appeal to the consumer and differentiate it from the competition.

If your product is produced locally, ethically or has a charitable component, this should be displayed on the packaging. These are factors that speak to consumers today and carry significant importance. When choosing between two similar products, a consumer is more likely to select a product that has an ethical component.

4. Can Justify a Price Increase

If you're looking to create a top-notch product, it's essential for it to be followed by top-notch packaging.

Without quality packaging, your consumers will simply not be willing to pay a heightened price. That being said, many consumers today are willing to pay more for a product that has a great brand and packaging design.

Remember, these are often products that are showcased throughout one's home. That being said, it's important for these products to be eye-catching and resist the temptation to be a visual burden. As a result, consumers are willing to pay more for a product that is visually superior to the competition.

5. Helps Showcase Your Brand

Today, the packaging design of your product is the best way to showcase your brand.

Consumers like to associate with brands that are a reflection of themselves and their beliefs. So, use your packaging to showcase even further what your brand is all about. In a way, this is a platform to communicate with your consumers without a direct line of communication.

Always ensure that your brand is entirely represented in your packaging. In the event that you have multiple products, it's also important to ensure that each product follows a similar packaging design. This will help to ensure that your products are recognizable to your consumers.

6. It's Part of the Experience

At the end of the day, your packaging design is all part of the experience of your product.

Nowadays, the experience of your product is more important than ever before. This due to the fact that so many purchases today are made online and the actual shopping experience can feel lost. In the online world, purchases are typically made quickly and the consumer must invest enough faith in the product.

Without the ability to see and touch a product in person, consumers today rely on the opening experience of their package. When a product arrives at the consumer's home, the packaging design is now their first point of contact for the product.

This is now where the experience starts for many shoppers and why the packaging is so important.

Uncovering the Importance of Packaging Design 

Are you in the process of designing your product packaging?

Today, branding and packaging design are more important than ever before. With advances in technology and a focus on creativity, the packaging of a product is a serious consideration for businesses today.

If packaging design was not a primary focus in your marketing plan beforehand, it's time to change that. After all, the outside packaging is how you are going to catch the initial attention of any potential consumers.

Let's consider that 7 in 10 consumers agree that packaging design can influence their buying decisions. Without a top-notch design, the product is unlikely to differentiate itself from the competition. As a result, the product will become lost and it's unlikely that the business will survive.

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