New Year, New Marketing Plan: 5 Marketing Ideas for 2019 and Beyond

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, January 9, 2019
New year, new budget -- and all-too-often this new budget includes downscaling.

The harsh reality is that when it comes to budget cuts, the marketing department is the first to be hit. But let's put a stop to that, here and now!

Smart business marketing doesn't have to be expensive if you're doing it right. After all, it's not always about the money, but the time, effort, and innovation put into your marketing tactics.

5 Marketing Ideas for 2019 and Beyond
Here are 5 marketing ideas to kick off your 2019 and revive your business marketing strategy. 

5 Fresh Marketing Ideas for Your 2019 Strategy 

The bottom line is that inexpensive marketing works by engaging your customers and building upon relationships.

The main aim is to keep your brand at the forefront of your customer's mind. Read more here on the strategy used behind some of the world's most successful big name brands.

As mentioned before, it's not always about the budget, but the ideas behind your marketing strategy that tend to hit home.

Marketing for small business or big business is all about creativity and keeping your content fresh and relevant.

Here are 5 ways to up your marketing activities this 2019...

1. Update Your Marketing Pitch 

Is your business using the same old marketing jingle from back in the day? Newsflash, it's time for an update!

Your business should be marketing itself all the time, and using an outdated pitch is completely futile in an ever-changing business market.
An average, you have roughly 6-8 seconds to capture an adult's attention. And just over a minute thereafter to engage them. 

Invest in crafting a catchy, concise, modern, and 100% relevant business pitch that both new and old customers will remember.

Make sure it includes relevant information to your target audience, offering a service that they genuinely would be interested in.

2. Look For Community Support 

Has your business been thinking a little big for a little too long? If you're missing your target market, think about turning your focus to your local community.

Take a look around -- what's going on in your local community that your business can get involved in? It's so important to get to know your local customer and spend your time catering to their needs.

Spread your marketing message by getting involved in local events, such as a charity run, a school events day, or a local playhouse.

Leave marketing material at local coffee shops, grocery stores or the library. This traditional form of marketing is not completely dead yet!

3. Leverage the Power of Cross-Promotion

If you're looking to spread the word of your services or a new-and-improved product, cross-promotion works wonders. Scout out new businesses in your area who are willing to work with you and benefit from cross-promotion too.

Make sure these businesses are non-competitive and synergistic -- in other words, you'll all work well together!

Think along the lines of business brochures, fliers, shared website links, social media links, and guest blogging services.

4. Up Your Referral Game

Contrary to what you may think, asking for a customer referral is not as cringe or cliche as you imagine. Majority of people are willing to provide a referral if asked -- it's just a matter of asking!
Sample Referral Program Working
If you're looking for a referral, don't shy away from asking your customers. After all, there is a high likelihood they will not do it of their own initiative.

5. Jump on the ''Free Trial'' Bandwagon

In today's economy, consumers are pickier than ever before. So anything that can be trialed for free is an added bonus.

If they like your product, the chances are high that they'll want to purchase more of it!

So take the plunge and set aside a small budget for free customer trials and watch your numbers soar.

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