Improve Sales with These Visual Merchandising Tips

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, January 14, 2019
Sales associates have a high turn over rate because their jobs have an ever-growing list of responsibilities. It used to be that a shop employee just had to sweep the floor, handle simple returns, make sales, assist customers, and maintain a good attitude.

But in today's retail space sales associates have even more responsibilities while they work. They have to sign people up for email mailing lists, try to convince them to get credit cards, and still find time to stock the shelves.

Improve Sales with These Visual Merchandising Tips
That's why it's so important that you provide your sales associates with merchandising tips to make the most of their displays and limit the impact it has on their workload. Continue reading for guidance and make visual merchandising a part of your marketing plan for 2020.

1. Use a Mobile Merchandising App

Mobile merchandising apps are designed to allow managers and company representatives to visually audit sales displays using an iPhone or tablet. They can help you hold your employees accountable for your displays at all times.

There, retail associates can interact with the app and it will show them how the display is supposed to look and it will also allow you real-time visibility to ensure it stays looking nice. View here for more information about apps.

2. Make Use of Your Store Entrance

Some stores have very empty store entrances, but this is a mistake. Your entrance is the first impression you make on a customer and you should use this space to highlight some of your newest and most impressive items.

To really create an impression, make sure you have products at different heights so that your customers can interact with your display without messing up too many other items. Also take care to put your most exotic items on display up front.

3. Use Shelving to Create Ambiance

You may have thought that shelving was just meant to hold your products, but you should put much more thought into it than that. You need to consider how high you want your shelving units to be, how many products you want to stock on them, and where in the store you want to put them.

By purchasing smaller shelving units that don't go all of the way to the ceiling, your products will be more accessible for your customers to pick up and investigate. Plus you have the bonus of having a more open and visually appealing store.

4. Make Use of Product Groupings

When you have holiday and promotional items, you need to make sure that you get rid of them quickly and during the season. Don't put these items all over your store. Instead, make use of product groupings so that people who are searching for those items can see everything that you have all at once.

When you are putting together your product groupings, make sure you wait until all of the merchandise comes into the store before you begin to put it out. You want your customers to feel the full impact of your display.

5. Highlight Impulse Items

Have you ever wondered why they put the milk and eggs all of the way in the back corner of the grocery store? It's because if you are highlighting the items that your customers are looking for when they come in, then they won't have any reason to walk around the store and see what else you have to offer.

Take a helpful hint from grocery stores and use this same tips for your merchandising efforts. Think about what your customers are most likely coming in to buy and locate those items in the back of the store.

This strategy also works for sale items. Many retailers will put their sale section in the back of the store so that customers have to walk through the full priced items in order to get to the sale.

6. Create Visual Cues for Customers

When someone walks into a store, they shouldn't have to ask an employee which way to go to head to a certain department. You need to clearly define the areas of your store and create signs that show where they are.

The better your signage is, the more your customers will feel like they want to explore your store and see if you have any other items they need.

7. Rotate Your Merchandise

If your merchandise displays stay the same for more than a month or two, than your customers will think that you don't have anything new in. Make sure that you update your window displays and move older styles to the back of the store as new fashions come out.

Then, you will know when it is time to put items on sale since that section of clothing that came in together will all be ready to retire from the shelves once enough new products have come in behind them to replace them.

8. Make Your Customers Feel Something

When customers are in your store, they want to feel relaxed and like they have time to look around. Take care to create displays that stir their interest and provoke emotions.

Try to get your customers to forget about the work involved in shopping and help them get caught up in the experience. Then they are more likely to stay longer, and in turn, buy more items.

More Merchandising Tips and Advice for Businesses

The merchandising tips mentioned in this article can help you create the optimal store environment to appeal to your customers and increase purchases. These tips will help you improve sales of any merchandise like rain jackets or winter jackets.

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