5 Timeshare Travel Blogs for the Frequent Miler

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, January 9, 2019
If you spend most of your free time flying from one place to another, chances are you've thought about buying a timeshare. It makes sense to invest in a nice home away from home if you're always on the go, especially if most of your flights are to the same place.

But, timeshares are a tricky thing!

You should know what you're getting yourself into before you move forward with a purchase contract. It's worth exploring various options and weighing all the pros and cons while you search for the right place.

5 Timeshare Travel Blogs for the Frequent Miler
Who knows, you might even end up writing a frequent miler blog of your own with all the information you gather. You're not the only traveler who's thought of buying a timeshare before. But, there are many potential timeshare owners out there who said getting a timeshare from trusted companies like Wesley Financial Group is great and we could learn a thing or two from their experience. 

Here's a list of 5 blogs who have already turned their timeshare experience into a valuable resource for others. Use it to spark the inspiration for your own blog!

1. The Timeshare Authority

The Timeshare Authority blog is all about big-scale timeshares. It's not for people who want to buy their own piece of land for private use purposes. Rather, it's for investors who want to open timeshare properties for multiple travelers and their families.

This is where many up and coming timeshare owners and long-time developers alike go to get the latest news in the industry. The Timeshare Authority talks about everything from recent buy-outs to renovation plans and much, much more.

It even offers insider tips from time to time. If you're interested in opening a timeshare resort, check out the Timeshare Authority for information on things like smart marketing and timeshare hotspots. Look for insights on management tools like this software, too.

2. The Timeshare Guru

The Timeshare Guru has cracked the code of timeshare information sharing. This is your go-to resource if you're interested in purchasing a private timeshare for yourself rather than developing a big resort.

The blog is incredibly simple to navigate. Each article is categorized according to the region of the world that it's in and the hotel company it's run by. This makes it easy to find information on timeshares in Hawaii that are owned by Marriot and compare those to Hyatt-owned ski resorts, for example.

The blog also offers travel tools, credit card deals, and detailed reviews. The Timeshare Guru has even gone as far as to create a Facebook group for timeshare owners to connect and share information.

If you're seriously thinking about starting your own blog about timeshares, this is the model you want to follow. But, make sure you put your own spin on things!

3. The Timeshare Crusader

Up next on the list is The Timeshare Crusader. This blog is a one-woman show run by Lisa Schreier. Lisa is a long-time timeshare owner and has been sharing her experiences via The Timeshare Crusader since 2009.

Her objective is to provide readers with an honest look at the timeshare industry. She aims to encourage positive, fair investment conditions and to educate readers about the risks they take on when they purchase a timeshare.

Lisa posts on a fairly regular basis. She writes opinion pieces, research-heavy articles, and everything in between. She is not a timeshare seller and is not associated with timeshare companies in any way.

She does, however, take guests posts regarding timeshares. Feel free to reach out to her to see if timeshare blogging is really for you.

4. Timeshare Business Check

The Timeshare Business Check blog specializes in European vacation properties. The editors publish topics on investigations and resolutions as well as authentication and court rulings.

This is a great blog to take a look at if you're curious about timeshare scams. It can be hard to understand what your rights are when you're a foreigner buying property in another country. It's not as easy to spot the red flags of poor salesmanship when there's a "great deal" on the table.

You have to learn how to see the signs of a negative situation for what they are. You should also get a good understanding of your rights just in case you end up in a bad situation.

As far as European timeshares are concerned, Timeshare Business Check can help you do just that.

5. Timeshare Resale Blog

Last but not least: the Timeshare Resale Blog. Hopefully, you'll enjoy your new timeshare for a long time before you think about selling it. But, it's still good to educate yourself about what that process will look like.

Plus, this blog's name is actually a little misleading!

The Timeshare Resale Blog also offers plenty of information on buying and renting vacation properties. It has great resources available for every stage of owning a timeshare.

For buyers, there are guides on how to spot scams and assess the true value of a property. For owners, this is the place to go if you want to explore the option of renting out your timeshare or to get rid of it without owing any more payments.

Tips for Sharing Your Frequent Miler Story

You can read all the timeshare blogs you want and buy as many timeshares as you'd like. But, it's only when you start putting in the work to write out your own thoughts that you'll have a successful blog!

As a frequent miler, you probably have more content ideas floating around in your head than you think. Creating a popular timeshare blog is just a matter of putting these ideas on paper (or the computer screen) and making a content calendar.

Then, you can start learning about optimizing your content and maybe even monetizing your blog.

Click here for additional tips on how to get this project off the ground!
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