6 Design Collaboration Tools Creative Marketing Teams Need

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, January 18, 2019
Are you looking for tools to help your design team do their best work? Then you need something that facilitates collaboration.

True collaboration means that your team members are really working together to do their best work. That can't happen if they aren't equipped with the right tools.

While some tools are good in some situations, they aren't always great for group work. So what tools should you be looking for?

You need something that lets everyone work together seamlessly. To help you get started, here are six design collaboration tools you could use. 


AND CO lets your team work together in several different ways. It's perfect for those who freelance or who work in any industry, really.

Do you need to create invoices? How about keep track of contracts? Then this might be the right collaboration tool for you.

You can even charge your clients automatically and create customized proposals.

Beyond the basics of running your business, this tool allows for collaboration during the design process too.

Plus, you're not limited to working together only while everyone is in the office. All of these features can help your design stage go more smoothly.

2. Concept Inbox

This tool is web-based, so you won't need to worry about taking up storage space with downloaded files. And you won't have much of a learning curve because no coding is required.
With Concept Inbox, your team members will all have access to their project anywhere they have an Internet connection. This makes remote work a lot easier. 

Key features of this program include sending notes, making comments, and updating projects.

The best thing about this tool? Live collaboration.

You won't have to send files back and forth to get the job done. Instead, you can work on projects together in real time.

In other words, you'll really be able to work together as if you were all together, regardless of your physical location.

3. Onehub

Onehub is a great tool if you're looking to share files online. Having those files easily accessible to everyone on your design team is essential for efficient collaboration.
This program uses cloud storage, so you can access your files anywhere. That doesn't mean everyone has access to them, though. Security is a big part of the Onehub experience. 

And security isn't just for keeping outsiders out. It also lets you set parameters for those who should have access. Give your team members the ability to edit or simply view documents according to their roles.

You'll get all sorts of helpful features. These include document watermarking, stealth collaboration, and a customized portal.

Portal customization allows you to cater to your design clients. So not only can your team collaborate well, but they can present their work in a highly professional way using the exact same tool.

4. Slack

You've likely heard of this software. It has seen widespread use — and for good reason. It's a powerful collaboration tool no matter the type of project you're working on.
One great feature it offers is the ability to create multiple, specific conversations. When you have something to ask or say regarding a specific project or design element, you can go to that specific conversation.

You can even create a channel that's just for non-project related work among your team.

These channels are completely customizable. So you can create whatever types of dedicated conversations you want. Plus, they're searchable for easy access to previously mentioned information.

Other features include file sharing, feedback, voice and video calls, and integration with other tools.

5. Mural

With Mural, your team can do all their planning and collaboration in one place. And they'll have a lot of freedom while they're doing it.

Are you a fan of sticky notes? Then you'll love this idea.

Mural provides sticky notes that you can use in creating your masterpiece. It all starts with a blank space where you and your team can work together on your creation. Those sticky notes will help you bring everything together.

This is another tool that allows for remote workers to work together. You don't need everyone in the same place at once. This can be a huge benefit, depending on the setup of your team.

Create several boards, use different file types, and more. However you use it, this program is incredibly helpful when you're trying to design with a team. You'll find different prices depending on the size of your team, so you can find the right fit for your business.

6. Asana

If you love lists, this is the tool for you. Asana helps you create task-based to-do lists that'll help you get your project going, going, gone.

As a major perk, if you run a small business or work with freelancers, this tool is completely free! The limit is 15 users. The free version doesn't even limit you when it comes to tasks and the number of projects.

There are paying features that can be very helpful, but the free version is absolutely usable.

This tool is pretty cut and dried. You can always see what's going on where, and how each project is going. This helps you stay on track and get everything done when it's supposed to be.

Find Success with These Design Collaboration Tools

Each of these design collaboration tools offers powerful features that'll help you get the job done better. Your design team will work more effectively than ever before. All you've got to do is try them out.

Assess your options and choose one that looks like a great fit. You may even have access to some free trials, so don't hesitate to get started today.

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