7 Attractive Benefits of Learning a Second Language

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, January 18, 2019
66% of European adults speak at least one foreign language. But only 20.7% of American adults know more than one language.

Part of the reason is that when American students learn a foreign language in school, it only amounts to around 600 hours of instruction. Americans also have much less access to foreign language instruction than other developed nations.

And it's a shame because there are myriad benefits of learning a second language. Not only does speaking a foreign language benefit us on a global level, there are personal advantages of learning a foreign language as well.

If you've been thinking about learning another language, keep reading. We're sharing with you seven reasons how it will greatly benefit your life.

1. One of the Benefits of Learning a Second Language is That it Boost Your Brain Power

Why learn a foreign language? One great reason is that it boosts your brain power.

Learning a new language means learning a new system of rules, structures, and lexis. Your brain has to deal with these complexities as you learn.

As your brain is working out the meaning so you can communicate, you're developing key learning skills such as cognitive thinking and problem-solving.

A highly developed brain benefits you both personally and professionally.

2. It Looks Great on a CV 

When it comes to employment opportunities, there are many advantages to learning a foreign language. First, it makes you more marketable.

There are certain industries such as retail and manufacturing where knowing a foreign language is invaluable. Global businesses are also always on the lookout for employees with language skills.

Since business is now far more global than ever before, speaking one or more foreign languages helps break down barriers and build up relationships.

Speaking another language also helps you to stand out from a crowd when you're applying for a new position. You're suddenly considered a valuable asset thanks to your ability to speak more than one language.

3. Increases Your Ability to Multi-Task

Science is beginning to reveal to us that bilingual speakers can demonstrate an increased ability to solve problems. Learning more than one language forces you to use your cognitive muscles.

In order to do that, you develop the ability to juggle more than one task at the same time. That's because you become proficient at instantly switching from one language to another.

As they multi-task to speak several languages, they can adopt the same skills to multitask anything. And learning how to multi-task this way helps them reduce stress levels when they're asked to perform more than one task at a time.

4. Boosts Your Self Confidence

Your confidence increases as you master a new skill. And confident people are more successful in life and in business because they believe in themselves.

If you can master subjunctive French, then you can probably do anything in life.

And the techniques used as you develop a second language end up giving you a greater sense of open-mindedness. That's because the only real way to learn another language is to speak it with other native and fluent speakers.

It's a great way to get shy people out of their shell and meet new people. As you begin meeting and speaking to new people, it expands your horizons while enhancing your life experiences.

Also, people are usually impressed when they find out you speak more than one language. It automatically boosts your credibility.

5. Keeps Your Brain Sharper For Longer

Learning another language helps keep your brain sharp and healthy. Studies on this topic have shown consistent results that prove the many benefits learning another language has on your brain.

Especially in children.

Studies show speaking more than one language helps with children's academic progress, even in other subjects. Learning a new language also helps develop basic skills.

But it also helps with abstract and creative thinking. Kids score higher on tests.

And for adults, studies show it helps slow down signs of dementia. For monolingual adults, the first signs of dementia tend to show around age 71.4.

But for those who speak more than one language, the first signs appear at age 75.5. 

6. It Makes Traveling Easier and More Fun

There are so many amazing places to visit outside of the United States. And many of those places don't speak English natively.

It's stressful and exhausting to visit a foreign country when you don't speak their language. And you miss out on a lot of opportunities to get to learn about other people's cultures.

Learning a new language, even if you're not entirely fluent opens up your possibilities. Locals love it when you try to speak their language as it shows a greater level of respect.

It's also a great way to meet new people.

And if you take up a new language, it's the perfect excuse to start visiting countries where they speak that language natively. Think of all the amazing places you can visit in Africa, Europe, and even the Carribbean just because you learned some French.

Traveling through South America is a breeze if you speak some Spanish.

7. Increases Your Listening Skills

In order to learn a new language, you need to understand the ins and outs of your own language. Grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, comprehension, idioms, and sentence structure suddenly becomes important.

And in different cultures, different words have different meanings. It takes time and patience to learn small nuances in language so you interpret someone's meaning properly.

As a result, you need to begin learning how to become a better listener so you understand the person you're speaking with properly. It's a skill you can use in your personal and professional life to experience better relationships with people.

Keep Learning

The benefits of learning a second language are many. But learning, in general, is incredibly beneficial.

No matter how old you are, learning new skills helps keep your brain healthy and active. And you learn how to do things for yourself which increases your self-confidence.

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