Study Motivation 101: Stay Focused and Dismiss Your Distractions

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, January 24, 2019
It can be difficult to maintain study motivation and block out distractions. Studying can seem like a real grind when you're struggling to to focus. Does this sound familiar to you?

Even though you understand the importance of studying, it can still be hard to get going. This is especially true if you participate in a lot of other activities and have a busy schedule. If you have no motivation to study, maintaining your concentration is tough.

Do you need some tips on how to be motivated to break out the study materials? We've got you covered. Read on for some great ways to boost your motivation to study.

Customize Your Study Space

Our mental state is heavily influenced by our surroundings. Your study environment can have a huge impact on your ability to focus.

To increase your chances of successful studying, create a space that facilitates your learning style and minimizes distractions. Make sure that everything you need for your study session is already in place.

It's also a good idea to reduce clutter as much as possible. Tidying a messy study area can boost your mental clarity, making studying much more productive.

Be a Goal-setter to Maintain Study Motivation

Goals serve a very important purpose in life. They give us something to work toward so we're not stumbling around in all directions. This is big when it comes to finding the motivation to study.

Without set goals, studying can seem like an overwhelming task with no end in sight. To make the process less daunting and more rewarding, set achievable goals for:

  • How long you'll study for each session
  • What you will cover in each study session
  • What you wish to cover in the long run
Setting both short term and long term goals is essential. Short term goals help you break down a lot of material into chunks that can be covered gradually. Long term goals keep you on track for what you wish to ultimately accomplish.

Goals should be challenging, yet realistic. This will ensure that you're working diligently to build your education without becoming overwhelmed or burned out.

Put Yourself On a Schedule

Having a solid study schedule is just as important as setting study goals. Schedules help studying become a regular part of your day. Instead of procrastinating and then cramming, schedules transform studying from a chore to a healthy habit.

Time management is a valuable skill that can benefit all areas of your life. When setting a study schedule, you'll also be evaluating your time allotment for all of your activities. Schedules ensure that you've got a dedicated time slot for everything that needs to be done.

Studying is less of a grind when it's accomplished in smaller daily increments. You'll also learn more and retain information better this way.

Get Your Timing Right

Not everyone can focus at the same time of day. Are you a morning person, or do you find your mind wide awake in the evening? It's critical to your success to match your study time with the time of the day that you tend to be more alert.

A night owl will find it nearly impossible to effectively study early in the morning. Conversely, early risers may struggle with a sluggish brain in an evening study session. Your study time should be set when your brain is ready for action.

If you're finding it difficult to maintain study motivation and nearly impossible to focus, you may need to adjust your schedule. Simply picking a time that you know you're alert can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your studying.


Study motivation is hard to muster when you have some rough experiences. The stress of a situation can quickly overshadow the feelings of accomplishment that came from completing your task.

Consider starting a study journal that documents your goals and final achievements. Write down anything that was particularly difficult or rewarding about the process. This will serve as a helpful reminder that you accomplished what you set out to do, even though it was challenging.

A study journal is great to look back on when you're feeling frustrated or stuck. It reinforces that you're capable of meeting goals that you set.

Stimulate Your Mind with Music

For some people, study music can be very motivating. You can use music to wake up your mind and then put it into laser focus.

A good way to incorporate music into your study routine is to listen to energizing music first. Find something that makes you feel alert and ready to take on anything.

After you've gotten your energy surge, switch to music that helps you keep a calm, steady focus. Instrumentals that are flowing and harmonious are the preference for many while studying. The melodies are stimulating without the distraction of words.

If you find that music makes your mind wander while studying, simply save it for your breaks to keep your mind motivated.

Vary Your Resources

You don't have to slog through the same old books for hours. If you need inspiration, check out new resources for the information you're covering. You might find a fresh perspective on ordinarily dry material.

Reward Your Efforts

Studying can be tough. Figuring out how to be motivated to study is nearly impossible when it always seems like a task with no reward.

Have you worked hard in your study sessions? Did you accomplish the goals that you set? If so, take some time to reward yourself.

Studying is generally an independent effort and no one will understand how hard you have worked except you. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel good, whether it's a nice meal, a trip to the theater, or some new shoes.

Pick Your Strategies for Study Success

It's easier to find study motivation when you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Try these study strategies to see which one works best for you.

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