10 Tools That Will Make Student Life Comfortable

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Being is a student is a balancing act of so many factors. A lot of students today are overwhelmed by the amount of school work and extracurricular activities. Then there is still family and friends to consider. It is easy to see why students are struggling right now. If you could just master one aspect of your life, it would make a big difference. Once we start understanding that there are tools to help, it sheds a ray of sunshine.

You can also find a lot of services online that helps you achieve your goals. If you go online now, you can find an essay writing service Singapore. It is also easy to find grammar and spelling checkers without much trouble. There are however more tools to help you live a balanced life. Creators of these tools often have had some experience in finding their own balance.

When you understand the backstory of a lot of these helpful services, you start seeing the benefit for your own life. Let’s get right to the top 10 tools to help you be more comfortable as a student.

10 Apps to Make Student Life Easy

Here are some of the best tools which can make your student life easy and happening. These app will help you think, engage, and grow.

1. Thinglink

A lot of us approach studying differently. If you are a more visual learner, this tool will be helpful for you. It uses a method of attaching information to pictures. If you need to learn about history, add a video to the picture of a historical figure. It’s fun and you can commit information to memory much faster.

2. Easal.ly

Another great tool for visual learners is this one. You can create infographics for a concept you have to master. Many people want information in a way that can be quickly understood. This is what infographics do and it is an effective way of summarizing the most important concepts.

3. Poll Everywhere

This tool is also effective for teachers to engage students. A quiz is sent to your mobile phone and you answer it on the app. Students enjoy using their phones and now you can do so while learning.

4. WeVideo

The sooner we accept that the world is moving towards digital, the better. Projects are now done in a video concept and this tool is great for it. You can create beautifully streamlined videos to present as a class project.

5. Picassohead

You do not need to be an art student to use this tool. We all need a little creativity in our lives. When you take a break from your studying, this is a great way to boost your creativity. Writing an essay on a computer can be tiring. Still be creative and learn to draw at the same time with this amazing tool.

6. Diffen

One of the most unique tools on our list has to be Diffen. You take 2 concepts that are somewhat alike and compare it. Take World War I and II for example. This will tell you the differences between the 2, which is a fascinating way of learning.

7. Saylor

You can find a lot of good educational resources on this website. The concept is to bring free education to the world and they are succeeding. It consists of so many subject options, that you will definitely find one you are looking for.

8. Coursera

Coursera is definitely not a new website and is trusted by many students. There are so many courses on this site and it is free of charge. Most of these courses have been developed by some of the best universities globally. Now you can expand any area of knowledge.

9. CoSchedule

Writing essays can be time-consuming and coming up with a strong headline is essential. This headline checker will be a fantastic help. The concept is simple, but students stress about these things. Create engaging headlines with CoSchedule. The tool does offer a lot, but this is one of the best features.

10. Udemy

We don’t always have the time to search for something specific on the website. There is so much information. You can use this tool to bring you tutorials that are of use. Users are allowed to score the tutorials, so the best ones get a higher rating. This makes it easier for you to decide which one to use.
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