5 Creative Techniques to Help You Find Your Writing Flow in Blogging

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, January 29, 2019
Struggling to find your writing flow? It's a common issue that every writer occasionally experiences.

Some days, the words seem to pour forth from your keyword with little effort. Other days, you feel like you're recreating the wheel itself while pushing it uphill.

Even so, you know that every minute spent with writer's block is wasted and unproductive.

Let's look at some ways you can find your writing flow state and give your writing your best efforts.

What Is Flow State?

Before we jump into specifics, let's look at what a good flow state looks like.

Think of it as "writing nirvana," the point where your words form naturally and effortlessly like water from a fountain.

Flow state is a dream many writers chase, but few take the necessary steps to achieve it. If you're too busy to improve your writing, you won't get the results you expect.

It doesn't happen on its own, but rather through concentrated efforts that will transform and inspire a little at a time.

Remember, little steps can go a long way in nurturing your creativity. Eventually, it will take less effort for you to turn your thoughts into a whirlwind of words that achieve your greatest desires.

Achieving Writing Flow State in Blogging

Finding your flow state looks different for every writer. We all dream, think, and act differently, and must find what works for each of us.

These tips can provide a starting point to find your writing nirvana:

1. Detox from Distractions

Forget about Facebook, IG, and email. When it's time to write, you need nothing getting in your way.

Leaving your smartphone in a different room will make you less likely to pick it up every time you get a text or email.

Consider using a distraction blocker to prevent you from accessing websites that have nothing to do with your project.

Force yourself to work solely on your writing so you can focus on your great ideas and worry less about interruptions.

2. Improve Your Typing Skills

When the words are coming strong and fast, your only limit is how fast you can type. Focus on improving your typing speed and accuracy so you never miss a good idea.

You can learn more here about courses that improve your typing. Also, you should try keeping the word count at least around 600+ to get a good response from the search engines. Although the word count is directly showing in the Microsoft Word file but still if you need help, there are many word count tools available online. You can take help of those and craft your content.

3. Skip the Caffeine

Caffeine provides a much-needed crutch for writers fighting to stay focused. But stimulants could be doing more harm than good.

Too many sodas or cups of coffee can leave you feeling jittery and unfocused. Plus, drinking too much in a short time will mean more bathroom breaks to take you away from your work.

4. Take Breaks

Breaks aren't as counterproductive as they seem. If you find yourself unable to focus, you likely need to clear your head.

Take a walk and get in touch with nature. Go somewhere that inspires you to spark creativity.

Find Your Inner Inspiration

Experiment with the above tips to find what triggers your writing flow. Take note of what works and doesn't work in your process so you can tweak and refine as you go.

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Find more insights and inspiration in our Start a Blog section.
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