How to Find (or Make) the Best Blog Photos

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, January 31, 2019
Whether you're a fashion blogger, a content manager, or a blogger that writes about your rare comic book collection, you need compelling photos for every blog post you create. Why are photos so important when blogging is mostly about writing?

How to Find (or Make) the Best Blog Photos
Well, a blog post looks naked without imagery and it may be less appealing to readers. Blog photos help break up text and can be used in a humorous or another compelling way to connect with your audience. A Socialbakers study also found that Facebook posts that contain photos are more likely to get noticed and shared.

Good blog photos are just as important as writing a SEO friendly blog.

If you have no idea what kind of images work best, here are some pointers and best practices that will help your posts appeal more to your readers.

Choose Good Resolution Images

Whatever images you include when writing a blog post, you want to make sure they're large enough with decent resolution for a computer screen. Chances are your blogger platform will automatically resize the image to fit the post width or give you the option to resize it yourself. If you want the image to fit the width of your post, make sure it looks good at that size.

Images with a minimum resolution of 72 PPI (pixels per inch) will display properly on computer and mobile device screens as long as their size is large enough for the post. If the image is tiny to begin with and you want to increase it, choose a larger image or one with a much bigger resolution that you can enlarge.

Put the Post's Title in the Lead Image

Putting the blog post's title directly into the featured image serves two purposes.

It reminds readers what the post is about (and is more likely to get shared.) It will also help drive traffic if the image is pinned to Pinterest.

You don't need Photoshop or another purchased photo editing software to accomplish this. You can create a compelling featured image with your post's title in minutes using Canva or another free photo editing app.

Have Fun with Memes and Gifs

If appropriate for the subject matter, you can break up the seriousness of a post with a humorous image such as an animated gif or a meme. GIPHY is a good source for animated gifs, while memes can be created with sites such as Imgur or Livememe.

Try a Collage

You can also have some fun with creating a collage of similar images for your blog post. This collage maker is just one type of software you can try.

Avoid Copyright Infringement

Perhaps the most important tip to remember when including photos in your blog posts is to make sure you have permission to use them. Search for reusable images on Google by clicking on "tools" and then "usage rights."

A drop-down menu will appear; you should select "labeled for reuse" and "labeled for reuse with modification" to search for license-free photos.

The Best Blog Photos Draw Readers In

Taking the extra bit of time to find or create interesting blog photos can make a huge difference in how your posts get noticed and shared. Don't be afraid to use multiple images to make it easier for people to read your post.

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