7 Ways to Use Paraphrasing Apps in Your Academic Writing

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, December 27, 2018
Paraphrasing has become very popular with the rise of information found on the internet. It has always been an important part of writing, but the popularity has never been this high. We understand that a paraphrasing app can eliminate the fear of plagiarism. If you are writing online or for school, you understand the importance of avoiding plagiarism at all cost. There are tools and apps you can use to make this process easier.

7 Ways to Use Paraphrasing Apps in Your Academic Writing
Many writers and students paraphrase themselves, but it is definitely not an easy task. You have to reword a perfectly good source of information without changing the context. At first glance, it doesn’t seem that intimidating. After you attempt to do this for an entire essay, you might start feeling the pressure. There are just so many good sources that one wants to include in their academic writing. There are some ways you can effectively use paraphrasing apps to help rewrite your academic content.

1. Sentence restructuring

One way to use a paraphrasing app is to restructure a sentence. This sentence could be the difference in your essay. A simple sentence rewording can take a lot of time to get right. These tools are so effective, it can give you immediate results. You need to decide if you are going for a paid or free paraphrasing app. The paid versions are not necessarily better than the free ones. You need to find an app that works best for your needs.

2. Rewriting paragraphs

The same as sentence restructuring, paragraph rephrasing is often required in academic writing. It becomes a bit more complicated. If you want to include an entire paragraph in your writing, you need to make sure you fully understand the full concept. A good paraphraser should be able to get this right.

3. Check grammar

Paraphrasing apps also check to make sure your grammar is correct. If you were to rewrite content yourself, you might miss the mark on this one. Now, you can rest assured, knowing it’s on point. Having excellent grammar is a sign of a good writer. No one is going to pay you for writing and include bad grammar choices. These apps are great at avoiding this issue.

4. Plagiarism checker

A plagiarism checker is usually a separate tool from many others. A paraphrasing tool does have a plagiarism tool built in. This will turn your tunitin percentage around. If you teachers are using software to check for plagiarism, you can hand in your paper with confidence.

5. Reduce quoting

There is nothing wrong with quoting your references in your academic writing. The only problem comes in when you add too many. It can make your paper look distasteful. Paraphrasing is an easier way to use valid information without plagiarizing. A lot of these apps are so advanced. The waiting time for results are instant and accurate. This is one of the best tools for students and writers.

6. Tone modification

Even if you change the words in a sentence, you also need to change the tone. As a writer, you should develop your own voice. Paraphrasing tools are great with adapting tone. You might be writing to a more relaxed audience and adjusting your tone can help a lot. It’s about finding that balance of accuracy and professionalism.

7. Time saver

Students and writers don’t usually have a lot of time to play around with. Any tool that helps you cut some of this time down, can help immensely. Instead of sitting with one sentence and coming up blank, let these apps give you some assistance. A lot of the times, you can still use your own words. These tools ca also just serve as inspiration.

Have you tried any paraphrasing apps?

We all have our own favorite tools, but there is nothing wrong with shopping around before deciding on one. Some apps are built for students and some for writers. The software is completely different. Make the best decision for your own writing needs. This is going to help you make a more informed decision. Look at reviews and testimonials before committing to anything. There is a lot of competition out there. Don’t just settle for the first one you find.

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