Understanding Dofollow and Nofollow Backlink From SEO Prospective

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, July 2, 2018
Google pays a lot of attention to do follow links. The SEO benefits of these links far outweigh those of their no follow counterparts, but marketers are always caught up in a bind when it comes to demystifying and working with either links.

The name suggests that do follow links have some advantage over the don’t-follow ones. The advantages range from driving up your domain authority, rank and page authority. These links lead to faster crawling and they promote fast indexing.

Understanding Dofollow and Nofollow Backink From SEO Prospective
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If you are looking to make your website more credible and trustworthy in the eyes of Google, do follow links are your best bet. Google will identify these links and proceed to rank you higher in serp tracking results. It becomes possible to rank a variety of keywords in the front page.

Apart from using do follow link building strategies; you need to realize that these links require you to follow a number of rules. You need to avoid getting backlinks from spammy, adult content, music and gambling sites.

Balancing Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks

The struggle is real when it comes to deciphering and using no follow links for your SEO endeavor. Experts will tell you that they aren’t as bad as their name suggests. There is enough evidence showing that no follow links have benefits too. Apparently, you will want to have a reasonable balance of do follow and no follow backlinks to enjoy the perfect profile. Even though do follow have added advantages, the no follow links should be part of your campaign.

Simply, the no follow links will not allow search bots to follow. This means you might not be getting any link juice. It’s the do follow links that allows search engines and your readers to follow. Many people barely know what to do when faced with the choice between the two types of links.

There is light at the end of the SEO tunnel, since no follow links will lead you to referral traffic. Your highly positioned blog post, follow or no follow will still drive back huge traffic to you and you need to know how to convert such traffic into sales if not leads.

Google Evaluates More Than Just Link Juice

Marketers will fancy the fact that today Google evaluates more than just link juice, and PageRank the social attributes you get from Twitter or Facebook have lots of value despite them being no follow. When you focus on the value of links towards your brand, the results are likely to be positive whether they were do or no follow links.
Link Juice Working
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Remember, the brand exposure you can get from a high profile no follow links is a good as what a do follow link will get you. Even if some no follow links wont contribute towards your brand directly, Google will choose to bypass these links especially if they appear trustworthy.

Reasons Why No Follow Links Are Useful

In the process of dissecting no follow links, it’s advisable to note that traffic remains the same regardless of the nature of your links. No follow links have their way of sending traffic back to you.

Links serve the purpose of driving traffic and the REL factor doesn’t count as long as a visitor clicks on it and gets to find your site. In progression, links will attract more links; a high fidelity no follow link can play the role of a do follow link if it’s on a high traffic site. It will foster engagement, more leads and ultimately conversions.

By then, the no follow link will have played its role, since SEO is sometimes about drawing more traffic to your site. Too much of anything has its demerits. If your site, for example, is commented with do follow links exclusively, it could alert Google of suspicious activity. Such a scenario is likely to cost you from a SERP perspective. The best remedy here is having a well-balanced portfolio of follow and no follow links. It’s imperative that you try and attract no follow links for high profile sites. No follow links from trusted sources will do your site a lot of good.

Nofollow Links and SEO benefits

The greatest achievement from an SEO viewpoint is getting a prominent do follow link from a trusted website. In your quest for such, you need to remember that a good measure of no follow links won’t mean doom for your site.

Actually, a no-follow link from a trustworthy site will favor your site compared to the impact of a do follow link from a low authority portal. You can choose to employ backlink monitoring and audit tool such that it’s easy for you to decipher the value and taste of the link juice you get from a no follow link.

In essence, no follow links may not have the positive impact you want regarding PageRank. However, they have a way of attracting traffic and encouraging the activity that leads you to quality do follow links. Although they are no follow, they still have a huge impact that beats that of do follow links from the spammy kind of websites.
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