Questions To Ask When Looking For Smash Repairs in Melbourne

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, December 5, 2018
A quick Google search will reveal lots of options for smash repairs in Melbourne The reason choosing the best dealer is usually an uphill task is because nobody prepares to have an accident – so no one thinks of panel beating experts in advance. This the primary reason why looking for smash repair services is usually a last-minute decision that is often done in a rush.

Another reason why most car owners do not think this through is that they assume that their insurance will dictate which smash Repair Company to work with. But this is not true because the vehicle owner has the right to decide which smash repairer works on their car. Some insurers will not choose the place to do your repairs for you because they are afraid of the legal implications.

Here are some critical questions to ask when looking for a smash repair provider near you.

1. Will you help with the logistics?

You depend on your car for almost everything – not just going to and from your work but going anywhere else. The last thing you want is to be inconvenienced because your car is taking too long at the smash repair shop. It is therefore in your best interests to find out if an alternative means of transport will be provided while they are working on your car. While most smash repair specialists will not give you a vehicle to use, they should at least connect you with a reliable car rental service you can use.

Additionally, they should arrange to pick your car to take it to their shop and also pick you or bring the vehicle to you once the work is done. Insurance logistics are also a nightmare, and it helps to have professionals that can also assist in feeling the forms and meeting the required insurance logistics.

2. Which paint do you use?

After successfully beating out the dents and fitting the panels, a fresh coat of paint will be put on your car. Make sure to inquire about the paint that will be used because contrary to common belief, not all paints are the same.

You want to go with a panel beater who uses high-quality paint. There are lots of cheap paints out there that might save you money in the short term but will end up creating many problems in the future. For starters, these cheap paints degrade pretty quickly, and they are very susceptible to peeling.

In other words, your car will only look good for a short while, and then you will need another fix. These inferior paints emit toxic substances once they have been applied.

3. Do they have genuine parts?

If you ask for more than one quote, as you should, you may notice one quote that is significantly lower than the rest. In most cases, this is because they are using cheaper parts which are usually non-genuine parts.

The genuine parts are usually made to the exact specifications of your car model, and apart from fitting well, they also are more durable. Repairing something as important as your car should be taken seriously and this is why using fake parts should be out of the question.

Make sure to ask about the parts they use and where they get them because only genuine parts will do justice to your car.

There is no shortage of smash repair experts in Melbourne. However, do not allow any of them to touch your car before adequately vetting them. If you follow the steps suggested above, you will get the best dealers who will give you a good return on your time and money.

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