5 Free Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Digital marketing is the new bird in the industry, and every business is gripping it. So these free digital marketing courses for beginners will help everyone who wants to step in this marketing world.

Almost every business has gone global, and social media has helped it reach new audiences and market its products and services to people across borders and geographies.

Much of what we see regarding the product and services websites, the graphics, content, press releases, video advertisements and even the leaks, are part of an elaborate world of digital marketing.

Big businesses and corporations invest millions in their digital image and seek professional digital marketing and advertisement companies to handle their social media presence.

Social media presence can range from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter to Snapchat, giving Public Relation services and content on the leading blogs on websites.

Digital marketing experts, who know the ins and outs of the industry, manage these platforms. Now with the following beginner courses, you can also join them in running the digital landscape.

Free Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners- Top 5

The Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC)

Open for professors and students, GOMC led by Google Analytics offers a free learning experience, training, and challenge to fulfill as a team. The course will help gain certification in Google AdWords and provides a modular learning approach to the digital marketing content. Google also provides a sum of $250 to use on AdWords for real life companies and the winners are provided with cash prizes. Monitored by Google, all participants are provided with on-going support throughout the course.

Udemy - Content Inventory and Content Audit

The course gives a beginner look at how professionals manage content at a larger scale, what role content plays in in website strategies, while also giving ways on how quantitative and qualitative content metrics can be monitored. These can then be applied to help make better search results and a more uniformed audience targeting strategies. Other areas covered include the use of keywords and content warehousing techniques at a beginners level, while the course can be tailored for more advanced needs through a paid subscription.

Facebook Blueprint Online Courses

Facebook is the biggest example of a business that primarily works in digital content and marketing to help advertisers earn. It is the largest platform to see hands on how the digital marketing and advertising sphere works. The free online internet marketing courses for beginners and profusions offered comes with online certifications, live events, webinars and constant feeds to keep you updated with the latest happenings in the media industry. Facebook employees manage these themselves, for real life experience sharing.


Coursera - Digital Marketing Specialization

If you wish to get a complete digital marketing degree equivalent course to study, the Digital Marketing Specialization is for you. As cited best essay writing service, the course includes six courses ranging from:

  • how marketing is done in the digital world
  • how it is managed and measured through the use of analytics
  • how that analytics are used by professionals in practice and theory
  • how planning is done for the various digital marketing channels
  • at what landscape is it based on
  • A digital marketing capstone to test your ultimate skills.

All the content is managed and provided by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with paid certifications as well. However, the courses can be taken on a standalone basis as well.

ALISON Diploma in E-Business

Amongst all free online internet marketing courses, this free e-business diploma gives the most comprehensive marketing education available online. Classes are based on 6-10 hours, this course provides an understanding of all Google Analytics code, how can websites be better searched on the Google engine, AdWords, content management and tools to better align digital marketing tools for maximum content visibility and reach. Registered users are provided with an online certificate, only if they pass the tests with a score of 80 percent and more.

Wrapping it up!
Digital marketing has taken an afterburner approach in the past few years. Every business, who wants to make their presence felt at any social media and the digital landscape, needs to hire an expert or know how it can help them stay visible.

Nevertheless, all professionals in the marketing industry can also utilize these courses to help increase their skills and potential to assist their marketing teams and content providers. Online education websites such as Code Academy, Udacity, Coursea, EdX, HDFS Tutorial (for Big Data Hadoop) and Udemy can be searched for more free online cours4s to help you excel in a rewarding digital marketing career.
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