4 Tips for Creating a Sustainable Business

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, November 29, 2018
If you want your business to survive in the modern marketplace, you need to roll with the times and be ready to embrace sustainability. As climate change becomes, quite literally, a hot topic, you simply can no longer afford to ignore your businesses responsibility to the environment. You need to find ways of making sure that you are affecting the changes that not only you but, more importantly, your customers want to see in the world.

To help make things green and get you on the right track, by the time you have finished reading this article, you will have four great ways to make your business more sustainable moving forward.

Still not sold on committing to sustainability?

If you still need to be convinced of why sustainability should be a concern for your business, then you need to consider both the economic benefits alongside the environmental ones.

4 Tips for creating sustainable business

Doing your bit for the planet is not only great for the world, but it is profitable by limiting waste and appealing to a younger market. Let’s start and see what all tips you should follow creating sustainable business.

#1 Invest in quality

When times are tough, or you are just starting your business journey, the temptation to go cheap on some of the essentials your business needs. However, what this will lead to is the use of lower quality, non-reusable products that could lead to damaging your profit margins.

How do you do this in real terms?

For example, investing in something as simple as quality 13 gauge baling wire ensures that your product and its transportation are safe. Plus, the wire can be reused multiple times meaning it is the cheaper choice in the long run.

#2 Know what to avoid

When you are buying for your business, be it for the manufacture of products or supplies for the admin team in your office, you need to make an effort to buy environmentally responsible products. Many people avoid environmentally harmful products such as Styrofoam cups, plastic bags, and essentially any product that uses too much packaging.

When you buy in supplies, always look for:

  • Minimal packaging
  • Recycled materials
  • Durability

By meeting these criteria, you cannot fail to be more sustainable.

#3 Say it as you mean it

One of the big problems that consumers face when wanting to be sustainable is a phenomenon called greenwashing. This is where a company will spend more money telling you they have made a small change to be greener, instead of making the significant changes needed.

If you are going green, you can let people know via your website, which will be free to update, rather than a lengthy ad campaign that takes resources away from you making the right changes for your company moving into the future.

#4 The little things add up

Finally, when it comes to sustainability, you cannot underestimate how much the little things add up. Here are a few ideas of things you and your employees can do to make the workplace kinder on the environment:

  • Get everyone in the office recycling so that the waste you do produce is minimal
  • Set up an office carpool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions when traveling to work
  • Provide a small oven and hob at work so people can cook their own food for lunch, rather than buying in convenience food that comes with unneeded packaging
  • Provide a kettle and complimentary teas and coffees to limit the use of disposable coffee cups


These were the top tips for creating sustainable business for benefits. These tips will help you create a profitable business which can run for longer. If you are a business owner, these are the tips you should follow.

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