Academic Writing Guide for Writing Lit Review in 2019

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Writing guidelines for the different academic forms of writing change each year that passes, and so does the literature review. Literature review serves as the spinal cord for any academic and research paper by providing sense into the written work.

Due to the given emphasis on the vital role played by the literature on writing, there exist various formats that form the fundamentals of writing a lit review. It remains critical to understand the importance and types of literature reviews on any form of academic writing before understanding the format for printing.

What is the importance of a literature review?

The following factors serve as the key reasons behind the process of writing the literature review in both academic and research writing formats.

Rapport with the audience

The importance of the literature joke or review mainly revolves around creating high confidence levels between the audience and the written work. High confidence levels for the written work ensures that the general audience trusts the initial stages of a research process that include the fact-finding and initial research processes.

Prevents plagiarism

The literature review presents a mechanism of preventing the passage of another person’s ideas without permissions through the various forms of writing. Piracy has far more adverse effects such as jail term and high fines through the legal systems. Nonetheless, an APA lit review may prevent the occurrences by allowing a writer to identify other written reviews with similar traits to the work that requires presenting.

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What are types of literature review?

The following list includes the presently known types of literature reviews used in the present form of writing.

Argumentative reviews

The primary purpose of the contentious review revolves around the desire for a writer to convince people to choose their thesis.

Integrative review

The integrative literature review composes of the combination of two concepts into a single idea. You include an examination and analysis into a single literature review.

What steps to follow for a literature review?


The final topic for the literature review should include only the areas you have studied under your coursework It remains critical to choose a scholarly text in the vent that you decide to write a literature review with academic aspects inside.


Before writing the literature review, it remains critical to select by choosing the appropriate topic that has a close relation to your area of study. Making this decision allows you to explore the possible issues from the nearest available resources within your reach.


After identifying the necessary sources and topic s for your review, the next step involves finding the right relationship between your sources and lines of thought. You need to analyze the data from your sources and use it in deciding the right topic.

Final notice on the lit review

The literature review does not occur as a long piece of writing hence it needs to fit into a single page. Summarizing the lit review serves as the final steps in the creation process of the complete literature review.

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