7 Best Windows Virtual Server Hosting In Cloud [VPS]

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, July 2, 2018
VPS has taken the web hosting industry by storm. It reduces the dependency on physical servers. It provides fast computing speed at low cost and better scalability. It is a plan which gives the users the option to have more control and resources by dividing the resources into many small groups.

A shared server can even host hundreds of websites. In the VPS setup, roughly a dozen clients can be set up. The VPS setup has the option to run its own operating system and can even act as a single entity or a dedicated server. Also, a physical server may contain several different virtual environments.

In most cases, the VPS providers provide Linux as the default OS, however, certain cheap windows VPS options are also available.

The scalability of these setups is easy and can be done easily without much cost. It is also preferable to balance cost with other attributes that you may get such as performance, reliability, customer support and even security. Most service providers provide very fewer services such as VPS with one core, 50GB or less storage and 1GB RAM. These will be something which the business will quickly outgrow and you will have to look at other options which will be costlier.

7 Best Cloud Windows Virtual Server Hosting In Budget

All of these are the leading cloud windows virtual hosting provider and depending on your need, you can select any of these. Let us look at some of the options that we have.

1. LiquidWeb.com

This is one of the top rated service providers in VPS. It provides Windows as one of the OS and is ideal for business with high traffic. Especially if you make money from your website, you need to make sure that get the best service. The hosting provider also helps with site migration and SSD for free. The managed servers and 5000 GB of bandwidth provide total peace of mind. The pricing starts at $29.50 per month.

2. 1and1.com

This is again one of the best service providers in the field of VPS hosting. They provide 100% SSD storage and 99.9% uptime which is a requirement for website hosting. The User interface is good and provides full root access and Plesk control panel to manage the website. The high performance comes along with good security measures. Also, they provide bandwidth for unlimited traffic for all websites. Their monthly plan starts at $4.99. You also get 30 days money back guarantee.

3. AccuWebHosting.Com

They provide 7-day money back guarantee. They have performant Windows VPS with SSD. You also have the option to select from various OS options such as 2016, 2012, and 2008. They also confirm 100% uptime guarantee with Windows VPS cloud plan. The good part is that they provide free backup of your site and the scalability comes with full admin access. The AccuWebHosting.Com gives you the option to get free VPS for 1 Month. The monthly plan starts at $7.99.

4. Interserver.net

This service provider gives you the option of affordable Windows VPS. They also have a flexible pricing model and you can choose which version of OS you want such as Windows 2008 or 2012 servers. You can deploy the slice within 20 minutes post the setup. The service provider also provides you with plenty of RAM and data transfer option. You get cloud backups and snapshots of your data. The monthly plan starts at $10 and you do not get a money back guarantee.

5. GoDaddy.Com

This is one of the most famous global service providers. It provides fast, scalable and secure Windows VPS hosting services. The servers are highly customizable and you get full root access to make the necessary changes. For the managed plans you get Windows with Plesk. You can also develop high-performance web apps using ASP/ASP.NET. You can select between 2012 or 2014. There is a 30 days money back guarantee and the monthly starting price is $26.99.

6. AWS

It is one of the leading cloud platforms and it offers EC2 for Windows servers. It is highly scalable and offers varieties of server types. It can be used to host any type of website. You can use various Microsoft applications like SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint. With a large number of data centers, you can host your applications close to your targetted users for better user experience.

7. Alibaba Cloud

This company is not just in retail. It has China data center which offers SSD backed up in the cloud server. These are located in 12 regions in the following locations in China. The pricing model is very cheap and you can get a Windows VM for as less as $10 per month.


These are some of the many cloud windows virtual server hosting providers. They have some of the best features at the cheapest costs. You get to decide what you want and you scale up or down according to your need.

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