Traffiqo- Best SSP eCPM optimization platform

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, May 16, 2016
Traffiqo is a real-time SSP eCPM optimization platform. Traffiqo help publishers increase their revenues by placing their inventory match to the most relevant advertisers by contextual matching. This is how the eCPM raise automatically.

It works as a display platform for inventory optimization and helps publishers a lot. A couple of years ago, Google Analytics announced the addition of an array of new tools, functions, and features for e-commerce business.

The most notable innovation on the Traffiqo’s side happened the revolutionary approach for marketers to buy traffic by bidding on CPA instead of standard CPC.

How Traffiqo works?

Traffiqo works on SSP model. SSP is Supply side platform used to sell advertising in an automated fashion. SSPs are most often used by online publishers to help them sell display, video, and mobile ads.

Traffiqo allows publishers to connect their inventory to multiple ad exchanges, DSPs, and networks at once. And this is turn allow a huge number of the potential buyer to purchase the ad space so that the publisher can get maximum revenue for that particular space.

Features of Traffiqo

Traffiqo works on SSP, which has great features for their publishers.

List few of their main features-

• Automated real-time eCPM optimization engine
• Support for display ads of all kinds, as well as video tags
• Interfaces with multiple RTB SSP and DSP platforms
• Multi-Level analytics and report engine
• Sell only In-View impressions to your advertisers
• Refresh a zone In-View after no-actions interval
• Measure viewability on publisher zones and serve only In-View impressions
• Track 3rd-party clicks on publisher zones
• Automatically convert Sync banners to Asynchronous

They’ve created a simple RTB bidder that can be accessed by using GET requests instead of “classic” OpenRTB format via POST. It can be used for specific implementations, such as mobile applications, or just for simpler implementation with your both banner and native traffic suppliers.

Here are some of the other features by Traffiqo which helps you to earn more from the same ad spaces with the help of their tool and platform.

Automated Revenue Stats Processing: Traffiqo imports all the data from any other 3rd party platform you are using and thus gathering all in a single platform. This helps you to make a business decision faster.

Traffiqo API- This API is an awesome feature by Traffiqo where your technical team can connect to the platform.

While Label Customization: This allows you to page styles like CSS and JavaScript

Excellent Support: This is really excellent about Traffiqo. You will get a resolution of all the issues and help almost in real time. Their dedicated support team works in a way to provide high ROI to their customers.

Traffiqo is a great SSP eCPM optimization platform. Looking at the features and support, they are amazing when it comes to ad optimization.

If you are looking to increase your ad revenue from the same ad space and traffic, you should definitely join them.

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