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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Usually, an online business owner or a webmaster feels painful when it comes to getting higher rankings in search engines mainly either due to the time it takes, or they are not well versed with the SEO thing.

No matter what the case is, you are losing your potential customers as you are not visible to them. People usually check first few links of the search results or max up to 10 results showing on the first page. None of the regular users check the next pages and instead if they don’t find the answer, they edit the question itself or switch to the query suggested by Google at the end of the page.

So to avoid such issues, you will have to be among the first few positions on the first page which are not easy at all especially when for a long keyword also, there are millions of results.

In a research done by the InText ad company Chitika in 2013, it was seen that the first link on search page gets 33% of the traffic followed by 18% by 2nd links and just 2% by the 10th link on the first page. So you can see the drastic decrease in the search traffic and so you should secure the top position if you want to get your business high.

There are many things that one needs to consider while doing SEO. Just to summarize, I am mentioning some below-

• Perfect On-Page SEO
• Safe and high-quality backlinks
• Social signals
• Content marketing

and all the 200+ Google search algorithms…

Link building is one the top factors that search engines consider while ranking any site for a given keyword and so you should choose quality sites only for link building. Although if you are going to find such sites, manually it will be time-consuming and then also there is no guarantee that how many you would be able to find.

To get rid of such issues, you can take help of many available tools. One of those is RankCipher and the beneficial one!

Here I am going to share with you about the features of RankCipher and how this tool will help you to manage all your SEO needs. In one line you can say, RankCipher is an all-in-one SEO tool which has been developed to fulfill all your SEO needs. So let’s start with RankCipher review.

About RankCipher

RankCipher is a search engine optimization (SEO) software which helps you to get quality backlinks without any manual effort to create accounts, solve the captcha, write unique content and publish it to hundreds of websites…without any human assistance.

It is considered as one of the most powerful link building tool powered by advanced technologies and quality collections.

Features of RankCipher

As stated above, RankCipher is one of the most advanced and powerful link building tools, and so they have quite a large number of amazing features which helps you to get top results in search engines with minimum manual effort.
Let me share few of their top features due to which marketing communities love to work with them.

1. Backlinks from N number of websites

Usually, you will find that some sites have thousands of backlinks but the referring domain is just hundred or even less. This is because they just create the links without thinking about referring domain which is equally important.

You should have a good ratio of links and referring domain. It’s good to have five links from 5 different domains rather have 20 links from one domain.

RankCipher distributes your contents to over 110+ platforms and 270+ Web2.0 Profiles and so giving you rich referring domains with links.

2. Hassle-Free Content Generation & Submission

With the help of inbuilt content scraper, rewriter and spinner, you can fulfill all your content-related work without going here and there.

Their content writer tool can deliver meaningful content if not the best. Also, with the help of their Copyscape Checker tool, you can detect whether the spun content is unique or not to avoid any penalty from search engines.

However, the best thing you will find is the 3rd party integration tool. You can integrate WordAi, SpinRewriter and Chimp Rewriter from within RankCipher, just enter their credentials in the required form and the software will handle the rest

3. Keyword Finder

Ok…this is the very first step of any SEO campaign and so how an SEO tool can forget this? RankCipher’s inbuilt keyword finder tool can get you the long tail keywords easily. You will be able to get low competitive keywords and search volumes which help you to get into untapped niches, which are relatively easier to rank.

4. URL & Article Scrapper

In URL scrapper, you just have to paste the keywords and footprints, and it will help you with scrape new links list which you can use to get more niche relevant backlinks.

For link building, you need content and generating every time or outsourcing every time won’t be easier, and so you can use Article Scrapper which will create the content as per your need.

5. Local leads finder

It’s the time of local SEO and local business. Many local businesses are defeating the big guns of the industry. So using this tool, you can get local leads from Yellow Pages by simply entering a zip code and your keywords. Using this, you can quickly gather all of the related information of your potential leads in any niche. This includes their name, address, city, state, zip code, email address (if there is one), phone & fax number, and page link from where this information was fetched so you can cross check if you want to.

6. Expired domain crawler

It’s not a secret anymore that domains with high DA and PA rank higher in search engine compared to fewer MOZ factors (considering ideal cases and ignoring quality content for now). So it’s always a challenge to get quality domains as making fresh domain to that level will take time, increasing their DA will take time.

Also, for PBN, you require expired, high-quality domains which have high DA, PA, links, TF, etc.

With the help of these three tools, you can grab best-expired domains on the web-

• Expired Web2.0 Crawler
• Domain Health & Authority Checker
• Search by Seed Keywords

7. Analyze quality of backlinks

As I also mentioned earlier, all the links are not the same quality and should be analyzed before creating. So if you have low-quality links, it’s time to think else Google will think and may get you out of the result.

Link scanner tool of RankCipher helps you to analyze any backlinks instantly looking at 40+ metrics like PR, DA, OBL, PA, and Alexa rank, IP Address, Location, Social Shares and much more.

8. 3rd Party integrations

This is a remarkable feature where if you don’t like any particular tool of RankCipher or want some extra tool, you can get that in RankCipher dashboard itself. Just use their credentials and start using. Below are the tools they support.

Apart from all these remarkable features, below are some additional features those you should check-

9. Report Generation

Not only the work you can do here but also you can generate the report. This feature can help you most when you work for a client and have to send status etc. Get the report in the different format and keep all updated quickly.

Is RankCipher for you?

If you are still thinking, if RankCipher is for you or not, then check the list below. If you are any of the below, then definitely RankCipher is for you and you should use.

RankCipher Features Comparison

Here is a detailed comparison of features of RankCipher with other tools, and you can see clearly how RankCipher is ahead of all.

Upcoming Features

Have you already heard about the CRAZY new features they are embedding in RankCipher in future updates? If you haven’t then check this list out:

On-Page SEO Automation
• Social SEO Automation
• Mobile SEO Optimization
• Local SEO Optimization
• Youtube SEO Module
And one thing is for sure that once these modules are added, the price is going to rise rapidly. So it’s best decision to acquire a lifetime license now at discounted price and avail free updates for the lifetime.

RanCipher is here to compete with the big giants, and they are already creating waves in SEO industry by providing top notch features in their software.

Over to you

RankCipher is a great SEO tool which can manage all your SEO needs. The best thing is, it is a desktop based tool and so there is no point of compatibility.

The 3rd party integration tool also makes it ahead of others as you have full flexibility to use whatever tool you want on the same platform.
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