Hexlock: A Smart App Locker for Your Android Device

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, May 22, 2016
We are in a time where almost everything is getting controlled by technology. No doubt technology enhancement has made our life much easier but at the same time, few issues have come like privacy, security etc.

Although we have lock facility on our phone but the time comes when we have to hand over the phone for some use to others and that time our sensitive information can be lost or others may come to know. To avoid this situation, what best you can do is, lock those apps and folders which have your confidential information so that if you are giving the phone to someone else also, they won’t be able to check your data.

And Hexlock helps you here. Hexlock is a perfect App locker product by the very well-known company Liquidum which helps you to protect the privacy of your smartphone. It is an all in one customizable app locker and media vault app for Android devices.

There are many such app lockers available in the market but the features and customization you will find at Hexlock won’t be anywhere. I will talk more about the features and customization later in this Hexlock review.

How to setup the Hexlock App

For this, first, visit the Play Store and download the Hexlock app. As per the data available in the Play Store, this app has been downloaded over 1 M times and has an average user rating of 4.3 based on the rating provided by over 27k users, which is quite awesome.

Once you downloaded the app, just install it. You can install it on any Android devices like smartphone, tab etc.

For the first time when you will open the app, it will ask you for the pattern or PIN which will be used as a security pattern/pin to open the locked apps.

Do these basic settings and allow the app to protect your folders in the allow permission options. Now let me talk about Hexlock features.

User Interface

Hexlock UI is quite simple but attractive. Despite having such a clear and responsive UI, you won’t find any glitches while operating it.

At the home page, you can lock/unlock any apps as you want and whenever you will try to open any locked app, you will have to enter the password/pin/pattern as selected by you in the above steps.


This is another notable Hexlock features which allow you to customize your app as you want. You can customize the background of the app, font and colors easily.


Hexlock is a simple and lightweight app to use. The total download size id around 6 MB and once installed, it may consume your memory between 20-100 MB. This is the tested data and usually in my case, it used up to 40 MB which is quite good.

While using, I didn’t find any hang or unresponsiveness kind of issues with the app and it runs quite smoothly.

Auto-switching Lock Profiles

Suppose you want different sets of apps to work at different locations, then this app will work perfectly for you.

In Hexlock, you can create a set of groups as shown below and assign the apps to be used under that group.

Now suppose I have created Home, Party & Office groups then if I will at my home it will active the apps inside that group and so on. The app decides which groups to activate depending on the WI-Fi.

This is really a unique Hexlock feature which you will hardly find anywhere.

Fingerprint Lock

A fingerprint lock is another stunning feature by Hexlock. There is no need to setup the password or pattern. You can keep your fingerprint as the password and so only you can open it in either case. This makes the apps even more secure.

Media Vault

This is the recent feature incorporated in Hexlock where you can protect your personal files. You can protect your personal files and hide it.

All you have to do is, just import your personal files which you want to secure into Hexlock media vault and done. It won’t be seen without Hexlock password.

There are many more features of Hexlock which make it the top app lock software for Android. Below are some other benefits of using Hexlock-

• Parental control: you can give the device to your kids and they will not buy games or delete important folders without your knowledge.

• Shared devices: you can create separate profiles for shared tablets at home.

• Protection of social networks: you can lend your phone to someone and not be concerned that he will check your Facebook or WhatsApp.

• The app cannot be uninstalled by others

• Self-activate feature when you change networks


Even though there are many app lock apps are available at Play store but Hexlock is definitely ahead of those applock due to its amazing features and easy to use. The app can be simply downloaded and used without any glitches.

The features like Media Vault, Parental control, and Auto-switching profiles makes it far ahead of others and enables you to keep your files, data and apps even more secure.

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