10 Call Tracking Tips To Implement Right Now

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, November 4, 2018
Nowadays every company uses their own call tracking platform for the call analytics. Using these details, they basically take strategic decisions. No matter whether it is a support call or an inbound call coming from your pay per call marketing campaign, you can implement the following techniques to make it better and beneficial for you.

So, let’s start and see some of the top tips for Pay Per Call Tracking-

10 Call Tracking Tips To Implement Right Now
10 Call Tracking Tips To Implement Right Now

#1 Dynamic Number Pool Tracking

You should invest more in a dynamic number pools to have a better accuracy with the call tracking. For those who are new to a dynamic phone number, dynamic phone number insertion (DNI) is a process that marketers use to measure the impact of digital efforts on inbound phone calls.

What happens with the dynamic phone number is, when someone clicks on the advertisement, the dynamic number displays a unique number of a different search engine, web page, keyword or other sources. And that number will be stored and can be used for the better call tracking purpose.

#2 Analytics Integration

No matter what analytics tool you are using like Google Analytics or Adobe Site Catalyst or any other, you should integrate with your system in order to understand more insights about the calls and other analytics details.

#3 Tag Manager Integration

Along with the analytics, you can also integrate the tag manager with the calls for better tracking. Again, you may use the same Google tag manager for the same purpose. This makes tracking as easy as possible.

#4 IVR

IVR is an interactive voice response which basically routes the calls to a different section depending on the input provided by the user. If you have called to any customer care, you must have heard the response like press 1 for this option, 2 for another option and so on. IVR serve this purpose and is very helpful when it comes to saving time and better customer satisfaction.

#5 Time of day routing

In the IVR system, you can use many setting including the one we discussed above. You can make additional setting based on the time of the day. Usually, in the normal business hour, you will get more calls compared to the non-business hours. And so, it is normal that the number of call agents in non-business hours will be less and so, you can make some adjustment so that none of the calls are being missed.

#6 Call Whisper

You can add a short message to the start of the call for the call operator to identify the source of the call. This will help the call agent to handle the call in a better way.

#7 Put tracking code in all pages

If you have your own website which is being used as the landing pages to drive the calls then you must put the tracking code everywhere. Even you should put the code on the page which is not converting. This will tell you the accurate tracking of the leads which will further help to optimize the pages and resources.

#8 Create reports based on captured KPIs

With the call tracking software and another analytics platform like Google Analytics, you must be capturing the different required KPIs to measure the performance of the call. Now you should make the dedicated dashboards for all those KPIs so that you can have a track on each KPI and improve the performance, quality, and make a strategic decision in favor of business.

#9 Bid Optimization Integration

Depending on what pay per call network you are using and how you are allowing the publishers to promote the offer, you can integrate the bid optimization as well. The integration will work in the similar fashion how you have added the Google Analytics code.

#10 Missed call alerts

There can be some scenario when you may miss some call. But you should follow those calls back asap. For this, you may make some system which will tell you when a call has been missed with the details. For this, you may integrate some email marketing software which will trigger the email whenever any call is unanswered.


These were the 10 tips to make the call tracking better. If you are a serious business owner and looking to get the most out of the inbound calls, you must work on these tips.
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