10+ Free eBook Torrent Sites for 2020 for eBook Torrenting

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If you have just landed here for the best eBook torrent then just go ahead and we will discuss multiple such eBook torrenting sites. Finding eBook torrent can be the real pain as must of the eBook torrenting sites are blocked in the majority of the regions. This blocking is majorly due to the government regulations and one can’t do anything to get it unblocked apart from implementing some tips & techniques.

eBook Torrent Sites
In this post, we will discuss 10 best torrent sites to download the eBook. You can also use these as free PDF torrent sites and download any PDF files as well.

So, let’s start with some best free eBook torrents and learn about free eBook torrenting sites that you can use from your location.

Before moving ahead with the 10+ best free eBook torrenting sites, let’s see the popular categories of eBooks.

Top eBooks categories downloaded from Torrent

Here are the top categories of books people search on these eBook torrent downloading sites.

  • Fiction
  • Computers
  • Medical
  • Science
  • Business & Economics
  • Romance
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Biography & Autobiography

These kinds of PDFs are highly downloadable from the torrent sites. Use these PDF torrent sites to download free eBooks from these torrent sites easily.

Note: Before starting with any eBook Torrents, you must download one torrent downloading software to download eBooks from torrenting sites easily. These torrent downloaders can be BitComet or uTorrent which is again available for free.

The main reason behind the popularity of these eBook torrenting sites is the advantages of using eBooks over the hard copy.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of USDs to buy the hard copy and eBooks also doesn’t need any physical space. There are multiple such features of using eBooks. You can take it anywhere without a second thought of carrying issues.

These reasons make the following eBook Torrents very famous and so eBook torrenting sites are getting much popularity.

Now let’s start with the 10 best free eBook Torrents Sites and see their features and how to access those sites. We will also see how to download the eBooks from these eBook torrenting sites.

10 Best Free eBook Torrenting Sites for eBook Torrents

Here is the list of 10 best eBook torrenting sites for eBook torrents. You can download any PDFs from these PDF torrenting sites for free.


TorrentSites.com is #1 in our list of best ebook torrent sites for 2020. You can search and download the best torrent. When you open TorrentSites, you'll find many sections like overall best torrent sites, torrent sites for TV shows, Gaming, search engines, Movies, software, and more.

The best thing about TorrentSites is, you will get a review of each site. You can see which torrent site is better in one category and else. Also, you can find the pros and cons of each site and see if that is suitable for you or not. This way you can save a lot of time browsing through the site which will eventually turn out to be not much beneficial for you.

Along with this, you can also find a way to access these sites and how to download movies from there.


BooksShare is a leading website for eBook torrents. You can download an unlimited number of eBooks from this eBook torrenting sites for free using any torrent downloader as discussed above.
At BooksShare you can’t only download the eBooks for free but also before downloading, you can read the descriptions of the eBook torrent for free. BooksShare is currently one of the leading eBook torrenting sites in the world and is accessible everywhere.

The search facility is also available at this eBook torrent sites and so you can search for your favorite books as well.


Zooqle is not only a leading eBook torrenting site but also audio torrenting sites and video torrenting sites. They offer thousands of eBooks for free to use and download. At the end of these 10 best eBook torrenting sites, we will see how to download any eBook from these eBook torrenting sites 2020.

Again, you need a torrent downloader to download any of these eBooks from Zooqle eBook torrent 2020.


ebookee is another leading eBook torrent site for eBook download. Ebookee is also one of the very few websites which have various categories available for eBooks.
The other features I found with ebookee are, you can find Recently Viewed eBook Torrents, Top10 eBook Torrents, Latest Added eBook Torrents, and much more, etc.

All these books are available free to download and use. Use any of these eBooks torrents and download any eBook for free.


ManyBooks is a freemium eBooks torrenting sites where the majority of the eBooks are free while some are available at the discounted price.

ManyBooks is providing their service since 2004 and so far, they have over 100 million downloads. With over 40k eBooks available to download, ManyBooks is one of the most professional eBooks torrent sites available. You can also read the brief review shared by the earlier downloader before downloading it.

Katcr.co (kickassTorrents)

kickassTorrents is one of the most famous eBook torrenting sites available on the internet. This is one of the oldest torrent sites available on the net.

Follow the link shared here and you will be redirected to the eBook page where you can download eBook. They have over 1.8 million eBooks available to download. You can directly download any eBook from this Kat eBook torrent site for free.


FreeBookSpot is another leading eBook torrent site where eBooks from over 90 categories are available to download. You can download any of these eBooks from this site without even registering on the site for free.
Books from categories like scientific, engineering, programming, fiction, etc. are available at huge volumes. All these eBooks are free to use and download. This site is quite famous in the USA and Canada. You can also add your own eBook here and allow others to download.

Online Programming Books

Online Programming Books is a dedicated eBook torrent site dedicated to the programming books. You can find almost all the programming books here available to be downloaded free.

Even the new languages and tools like Robotics, Big Data, etc. are available here. Books related to programming, computer science, software engineering, web design, mobile app development, networking, databases, information technology, AI, graphics, and computer hardware are available here.

All these eBooks are legally available to be downloaded here and if you are starting your career then this eBook torrent will be highly beneficial for you.


01torrent is not only a famous eBook torrenting site for eBooks download but also for audio, video, TV shows, etc.

You can find the details of the eBook and sizes before downloading. Just click on the download button and start downloading any eBooks available using any torrent downloader.


WorldWideTorrents is another leading torrent site for eBook downloads. There are hundreds of categories available on the site and you can browse through books. This eBook torrent site is again available for free and you can use like you do for any other site.


Wikibooks is one of the leading eBook torrent sites on the internet for downloading torrenting eBooks. They have the largest library of eBooks available on the internet. Just like Wikipedia site, Wikibooks is extremely easy to use and download the eBook.

Conclusion of Best eBook Torrents Site

These were some of the best free eBook torrenting sites for eBook Torrent download. These were the 10 free eBook torrent sites but it is not limited to just 10!

There are a vast number of such eBook torrent sites 2020 which can also be used. Let me name a few more here-

  • Planet eBook
  • eBook Lobby
  • Get Free eBooks
  • E-Library
  • Free eBook Canada
  • eBook 300

There are some additional eBook torrenting sites you can use as an alternative. Use these sites for the best use of eBooks and download eBooks free from these eBook torrent sites.

Also, if you are doing link building then you can follow these PDF submission sites for better links.

I would love to know which is your favorite eBook torrenting site. You can also check the below video to know how to download eBooks from these sites. I have shown for two sites and others are also quite similar. For some websites, you may have to signup.
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