Top High PR Web 2.0 Sites List

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Ranking at the top position in search engines depends on many attributes. As Google says there are around 200 different factors on which SERP depends on. Web 2.0 is one among those but very important and highly beneficial. In today's guide, I am going to share what is web 2.0 and Top High PR Web 2.0 sites list.

top high pr web 2.0 sites

You can say ranking at the top position in Search engines somehow highly related to the use of high PR web 2.0 sites. Submitting your links and sharing your contents on high PR web 2.0 sites not only give you quality backlinks but also provide you good and quality traffic. So now let me first tell you what are Web 2.0 sites?

What is Web 2.0 Site

If you will ask the question "what web 2.0 mean" to Internet Experts, you will find different answers. Some say web 2.0 is a set of Philosophies that provides the web user rich experience. Whereas others say it is a new collection of application and technology that make people easier to find information online and connect with the other people online.

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As per Wikipedia, first-time web 2.0 was used in Jan 1999. Web 2.0 is an application which provides online users to a newer collection of information and new technology. These types of new applications usually permit people to interact with another online people in a social manner.

Uses of Web 2.0 Sites

The uses of Web 2.0 sites are not only limited to Link building. No doubt it provides quality links and helps us to secure top positions in search engines, but there are lots of other benefits as well.

Here I am going to share importance of web 2.0 sites-

1. Provides quality backlinks (both DoFollow and NoFollow)

2. Help us to improve SERP of our websites/blogs

3. Web 2.0 can help you to make an online presence and can also; increase your ranking in less time. I will share my experience with web 2.0 as well later in this article. 

4. As Web 2.0 sites (some sites) redistributes your content across RSS feeds and so it also increases your traffic.

5. It has offered the web developers a platform where they can show their work and can interact with the possible customers.

How to Use Web 2.0 Sites to Get Backlinks

Getting backlinks from Web 2.0 is pretty simple and you don't have to work extra or have to write something special for web 2.0 sites. Just you have to spend some time to visit and you will get backlinks and traffic completely for FREE.

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Suppose you have written a blog post for your blog. Now go to the below list of Top high PR web 2.0 sites list and post your blog post directly. Some of these websites redistribute your content across RSS feeds while others simply create a directory for you which is search engine friendly and searchable.

As we all know search engines love those contents which have been shared a number of times and here web 2.0 sites helps. You contents will be active in search engines and slowly your SERP and backlinks will increase which in term increase your traffic as well.

So by now I hope you have a fair idea about what is web 2.0 sites, what is the benefits and how to get backlinks from web 2.0 sites.

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As promised earlier, let me share my story with you related to web 2.0 sites link building. Earlier I was not using web 2.0 for distribution of my contents and link building. Suddenly I found a couple of my keywords on the 4-5th page of the search engine and I was trying hard to pull those on the first page and so I tried.

The results are amazing. Both keywords are on the first page now. Even one of those keywords is at the first position. But one thing that you should remember is this has not happened suddenly. It takes time but result is assured.

So now let's start with the list of high PR web 2.0 sites.

List of High PR Web 2.0 Sites List

Over to You

These were some high PR Web 2.0 Sites list. I hope this list will help you to improve your ranking. Also, these sites are of high quality and there is almost no chance of getting panelized by Google.

I used these web 2.0 sites for links and sharing and it gave me amazing results and I am sure you will also get the same or even more. So try now and share your experience with me.

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