iSkySoft Video Editor: Easy to Use Video Editing Tool for Mac

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, June 13, 2015
Choosing a video editor software has never been so easy task. There are so many softwares available in the market in both free and paid category. Almost all the softwares are having common basic features like cutting, splitting, adding effects etc. The user experience might be different but functionalities are almost same. But if you are in business like Video Marketer, Bloggers etc. then you need more features.


People are making thousands of dollars every month from video marketing but they not only use the basic features but some tricks as well. And that is the difference between common marketer and pro. But generally the video editors those provide advanced features are hard to use. So today I am going to talk about a video editor which provides great functionality and most importantly this is very easy to use.

If you are looking for an easy to use video editor with great functionality and at affordable price then you must try iSkySoft video editor.

Features of iSkySoft Video Editor

This video editor is very easy to use and any one can start editing video using this tool. There are so many features of it. Below I am going to list few main features of iSkySoft Video editor-

• This software lets you combine video, audio and photos and turns them into a movie effectively.
• Add different transition effects inside the video which makes it more powerful.
• It supports files having both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio
• All types of audios, videos, pictures and other graphics are supported by iSkySoft video editor.
• Includes a set of handy editing tools like split, merge, trim, rotate, crop, effect and so forth, allowing you to make whatever edits you like: rotate videos taken with camera held sideways, crop the black sides, etc.

• It allows you to upload your masterpiece to right from the program interface. You can also export to iDevices, HTML or almost any other video format you like.

How to Use iSkySoft Video Editor for Mac

First download the iSkySoft video editor for Mac and install. Don’t worry you can download this for free as a trial. Later if you’ll like this you can buy the full license.

As discussed above, iSkySoft is a complete video editing tool which is having all the basic and advanced features. Let me take you to the few easy steps using which you can make a movie.

1. Import Media File:
Open iSkySoft video editor and click on file and open your existing project. In the primary window, drag the media files from the resource browser window to the storyboard at bottom.


2. Add Transition and/or Intro/Credit Screens:
All the imported video clips that you have taken from step 1 will join together one by one without transition by default. To make it switch more smoothly, you can easily drag and drop a transition from the above Transition tab to the area between two clips.


Now adjust the video and add the effects as per your need. For photo, you're also able to add motion to make it pan or zoom in/out.

For background music, trimming and audio adjustment tools are offered.

3. Preview and Share
Now once you’re done with editing video, you can click to preview and export it if you are satisfied.


To save your video, click the Export button at the right, and keep your name and select format and save.


iSkySoft video editor for Mac is available just for $39.95. Also, you can download the free version of this video editor and enjoy your trial period.

Pros and Cons of iSkySoft Video Editor

This video editor has lots of positive features; few of those are below-
• Interactive interface and ease to use.
• Includes all basic and advanced video editing tools.
• Broad input and sharing formats (YouTube, iDevices, HTML5, and more).
• Less price
• Awesome after sales support.

Though I didn’t find any major negative thing about iSkySoft, the one I realized can be-
• The trial version will have water mark of the company on the output video.

Over to You

If you’re all set to start video marketing or just want to make a good video for your use then iSkySoft can be a best option. Do try their trial offer and if you’ll find beneficial you can get upgraded any time.

Are you using any such video editor? Do let me know in comments.

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