How to Create a Free Online Logo for your Business

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, June 20, 2015
When you start any business no matter it is online or offline, you should have a good name and the identity of your business. Especially if you are in online business like me, the identity of your business places a very important role. In online business you don’t get a chance to meet the people and so it is your business name, logo and the product which ensure the success of your business.

how to create free online logo

I was starting a new website and was searching for a good looking logo and searched a lot online but was unable to find. Finally I landed to Online Logo Maker site and without having any knowledge of Photoshop and all; I designed a good looking logo for my new website. The best thing is this tool is completely free to use and you don’t have to pay a single penny to use it. I’ll show you how to create free business logo with this tool.

Also, if you don't have any coding skill and want to start a website, you can use a website maker which doesn't require any programming knowledge and just by drag drop feature, you can make awesome website.

Benefits of having a professional Logo

There are several benefits of having a business logo. You must have observed that before starting any business especially online people first think about name and second that comes in mind is the logo. Below I am listing few important benefits of having a logo for your business. I am sure most of this you already know-

• You get a brand name and in long run it’s your business which will give you name and fame.
• A logo describes about your business
• It is like your online business card and identity
• Images and graphics can be easily remembered and are sharable.

Making a logo in Photoshop or any such drawing tool can be time consuming and if you don’t know about it well, it would be very difficult to design a good looking logo. So by using Online Logo Maker you can easily design a good looking professional logo for your business/website without having any prior experience.

The most beautiful about this tool that I found is it’s completely free. It will not ask you to pay at the time you will download your designed logo. So you are free to create as many logos as you want and completely for free.

How to Create an Online Logo using Online Logo Maker

Creating a logo using online logo maker is quite easy. I remember I developed a decent logo in just 10 minutes. They provide in built functionality and all you have to do is to use those functionalities. May be first time you will take bit more time but later all is how to use it. So I can say it is a very good tool to use for creating free online logo.

• Open the online logo make design window

design free logo online for your business

• Click on Add symbol and select the symbol as per your business category. You may add multiple symbols and mix those. In the above images I have used two similar types of symbols and have joined. This is looking cool..isn’t it?

• Now click on the Add Text and write your website name and you can change the style, color and even rotate those.

• If you want you can upload your custom images to make a good looking logo.

• Once all the customization done, save the project and download the image.

• Start using the brand new logo anywhere with any issue.

All the above features are very easy to use and you don’t need any special skill to make a logo. Using this free online logo maker tool within few minutes you can design a good looking logo.

Over to you

Do you know any such tool which enables you to make free online logo? Do let me know in comments. Also let me know your experience with online logo maker.

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