How I got Google Adsense Approval in First Attempt : Complete Guide

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Hello, Everyone! A couple of days back we received a fully approved account of Google AdSense.

Thanks to you all for giving support. I started blogging somewhere in September'14 as a passion and very soon got addicted to it. Truly speaking till Aug’14 I was not even knowing ‘B’ of Blogging world.

I was an IT professional and were working on a few IT projects like web development, web maintenance, application development etc. Then while reading some marketing tips for one of my clients and I reached out to Harsh’s blog ShoutMeLoud and few other blogs like Harleena’s Aha-Now, Anil's BloggersPassion, Problogger, CopyBlogger and came to know the blogging world closely.

These are the blogs which motivated me towards blogging. Until that time I already had developed around 30-40 websites for my clients and were having few maintenance projects also.

I managed some time and started blogging and all I can say at this point in time is, It’s Awesome!!

In this guide, I am going to share the secret tricks for how to get Google AdSense approval fast.

How to Get Google AdSense approval fast
I am not much successful in blogging till now, and still, I’m a newbie. I have just started this blog a couple of months back and getting approval for AdSense in Just a couple of months, and that too in the very first attempt is an awesome feeling.

So, just wanted to share the experience as to how I got approval for AdSense for a 2-month-old domain and a blog, which had only 20 posts at the time of approval (this is our 22nd post).

I’m not telling getting AdSense approval is a big thing, but at the beginning, I got so many rumors about the Google AdSense. I just want to clear those.

Also, AdSense is not the only way to earn from the blog and a few weeks back I shared a detailed article on How a blogger can earn from their blog or website. Here I listed around 17 real and proven methods to earn from blogs. I would suggest you to please check that post.

Below I’m going to explain the tips taken by me before applying to the AdSense. In this journey, the article that helped me is Alltop9’s AdSense guide. Thanks to Lasya for that.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval Fast- Exactly what I used!

Here are some of the tips I used to get Google AdSense approval fast and in my first attempt. I am sharing those so that you can also follow these and get AdSense approval very fast.

1. Get a Custom Domain

Now a day almost all the bloggers have their custom domain. If you don’t have and you’re using the free services of Blogspot or Wordpress, please get a custom domain for your blog, and it doesn’t charge more than $1. You can check our article on How to select a best domain name for the good name and 5 best domain name registrar to select the right company to register your name for online business. This is the important step friends as there is hardly a blog which gets approval through BlogSpot and Wordpress extension domain now. No doubt these are the best free platform to start blogging and you need not to spend a single penny for it.

Click here to buy a .com domain name just at $0.99

2. Use Top Domain Extension

This also effects in the approval process. If you’ve read our article on How to select the best domain name, you must have read a point where I’ve explained the need for the top level domain. We should use a top level domain like .com or .org. Avoid registering country specific domains as this indicates you’ve started blogging for just that particular country.

Click here to buy a .com domain name just at $0.99

3. Domain Age

Domain age plays a crucial role in the approval process especially for the accounts in Asian Subcontinent. As per AdSense policy, your domain age should be a minimum of 6 months, but it’s not mandatory in this subcontinent. As you can see, my domain age is just a few days more than two months. So I believe a domain with age one and half month is sufficient for the AdSense approval.

4. Blog Layout & Navigation

Yes, blog design is also an important step in the approval process. In fact, blog design is the main aspect in the success of the blog itself. We’re in 2014 and 2015 is just a few days ahead; so please avoid using the design of 1999. Give your blog a professional look. This will help to attract readers as well as an advertiser on your blog. You can check my article on how to select the best template for the blog or website.

Here I’ve explained each and every step in detail. Mark those points and match with your blog and see if all are good. It’s not that difficult to find a good template. There are so many templates available on the internet free of cost; just you’ve to search it. Also, the navigation on your site should be easy and clear. This helps in making the site more users friendly.

5. Average Daily Page views

This is the most common question a newbie blogger ask before applying to the AdSense. How much traffic really it needed to get approval? There is no exact answer to this question but as per my experience and what I read about this till now is 100-page view is decent to apply for AdSense. And you will agree with me, 100 daily page views are not too much right? You can take help of social media or blog promotion or even blog commenting method to get this much traffic daily.

6. Number of blog post

This is also one of the common questions that bloggers or webmasters usually ask. Generally, it’s seen that many bloggers have received approval with even 12-13 post and there are a plenty number of bloggers who are still getting rejected with over 100 posts. But it’s a good practice to start with 15 blog post.

7. Blog Post Length & Quality

This is very much important point in the approval process as well as for the success of your blog. It’s always advisable to write a long blog post and not to write a blog with less than 500 words. But this does not mean we should compromise on the Quality of the article. You should never copy anyone’s article else Google will detect easily and can reject your application and even can find your blog. So always try to write a quality article and try to have at least 350-400 words in each article. Google or any other search engines love lengthy and quality blog posts.

8. Add a few necessary pages

Add a few important pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages in your blog. At first instance, this will not feel you much important, but from a business point of view, this is equally important as the articles. One should know about yourself, about your blog and the peoples behind you and so about and contact page is vital.

Also, what are your terms and settings about the user who is visiting your site are also important and that can be covered in the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages. So try to include these pages before you apply. This will not take more than 5 minutes as many websites are available online which generates these pages free of cost.

9. Take care of content and Language

Please don’t put objectionable content like adult content on the site. Google will never approve these types of sites. Also, you should only use the English language on the site.

10. Follow the AdSense Policy

This is the general step. You should follow the policy of the company to which you’re going to apply. So I would suggest reading the Google AdSense policy before applying to it. This will not take your much of time. Anyway, this contains almost all the points that we covered above.

11. What if disapproved in the first attempt?

This is also one of the most common questions that most of the bloggers and webmasters ask. As AdSense has revised their policy, it’s getting a little bit difficult to get approval in the first attempt or so on. What to do in that case? Whenever AdSense reject any account, they send the reason for this.

You’ll get an email explaining why your application got rejected. Some of the most common reasons are like not having enough content, too new domain, not decent traffic or so on. So work on the reason they provided and apply again. This will not take much of your time. Don’t just sit idle after getting rejected. You should work on the reason and apply again. You’ll definitely get success.

Final Words

Friends these were few tips to get approved AdSense account fast. I’m sure if you’ll follow these tips, you’re definitely going to get approved Adsense account. Again AdSense is not the only way to earn from your blog. If you are not getting approval also, there is nothing to worry. You can use other mode of earnings like in text ads, affiliate to earn.

But as AdSense is the best ad network in the world, so everyone tries to have an account with it. If you’re getting rejected frequently check above tips and correct the blog. Also, you can drop your issue in a comment. I’ll surely try to find the solution.

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Hope this post will help you in getting AdSense approval fast. Please share in a comment if you know any awesome tip on getting approval. If you liked this post, please consider it for sharing this on your social sites. Also if you want to get such awesome tips on Blogging, Internet Marketing, and SEO, subscribe us.
Ashutosh Jha

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24 comments to ''How I got Google Adsense Approval in First Attempt : Complete Guide"

  1. Hi Ashu bud,

    Congratulations! Thanks for the tips I will use it if I wish to get a AdSense approval.

    Rohan chaubey.


    1. Hi Rohan,

      Thanks a lot Bro. Also as i mentioned, AdSense is not the only way to earn from your blog. There are many more and highest payable networks which pays far more than AdSense. But as this is a reliable network, blogger and webmasters feel safe with this. Thanks for the comment and whenever you apply for this, please follow the same. I'm sure you'll approved account!!

      Thanks for the nice words. Keep visiting :)

  2. First of all Congratulations! Ashu. And I am happy that you got an approval by following my guide. And thanks for giving credits. :) Happy Blogging.

    1. Hi Lasya,

      Thanks a lot:)

      Few days back i read your interview and your guide on AdSense approval. That was really awesome. Thanks for being so kind and for the comment.

      Ashutosh Jha

  3. Hi Ashutosh

    Great tips on getting AdSense approval. Google's policy on AdSense is rigid so your tips is getting approval is spot on and should do the trick. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks a lot Ikechi and welcome to TricksRoad !!

      And i agree with you. Google's policy is rigid specially in case of AdSense but if corerct approach can be taken, it's not difficult to get approval.

      Thanks for the valuable comment. Keep visiting.

  4. Hi Ashutosh,

    Congratulations on getting your Adsense approval and writing it all in this guide post :)

    Yes, it certainly is easy if you follow the ways mentioned, and I think I was a lot like you when I started. Within a month or two and with hardly 12-15 posts my account was approved in the first attempt itself. I honestly didn't read or know much about Adsense that time, but I was very clear and honest with my approach and wrote long posts with good content, which perhaps did the trick also, as Google sees all these factors, just as you mentioned above.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and for the kind mention. Have a nice week ahead :)

    1. Thanks Much Harleena for the nice words and sharing your feedback.

      It's really nice to know if one have only 12-15 post but with quality content can get AdSense approval very easily.

      Thanks for the comment. Have a nice day :)

  5. Hi Ashutosh,

    That is so awesome you were able to get your Adsense approval so quickly. I wish I had read this article much sooner, as I as not as fortunate to get my approved the first time. This guide would have bean an awesome guide for me to follow. You definitely were lucky to find the blogs that you mentioned as inspiration to get you started. What a great list of inspirational bloggers.

    These are all such great points and I definitely will bookmark it. I think my biggest problem when I got started was I was too anxious and did not have enough content. The second time was a charm for me and it has been going great every since.

    In #5 (Average Daily Views) you speak of blog promotion. This is key. Blog commenting is definitely a great way of getting those daily views up, but not just commenting - but quality comments! What a coincidence, I just found out about Google Alerts today and am using it now. That is an awesome tool to be able to comment on blogs in your niche.

    Great list here my friend and I thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Nathaniel,

      It's pleasure to have you here and welcome to TricksRoad. Thanks for such nice words. It's really feel great to hear these words from a great blogger like you.

      This is great to know that you got the approval in second chance because many people leave applying for AdSense once they get rejected. But we should not. Who know if next chance is ours.

      As you mentioned, blog commenting is a great way but not simply commenting, a quality comment is needed. I totally agree with you. Once you write a good comment, people get attracted and land to your blog. Also Google alert is one of the best and free services available. Every blogger should use this method.

      Thanks for the valuable comment and keep visiting :)

      Ashutosh Jha

  6. Hi Atush,
    Firstly let me congratulate you for your adsense account, and you have a beautiful blog here. Getting an adsense account is really difficult, but very easy for those on the right path, this means, you are blogging the right path.

    I had wished I came across this article in those days when I seeked helplessly for adsense, with over 100 low quality contents on my blog, to my gratest suprise immediately I drafted them my blog was approved, and till now, I still have those 139 posts in my draft, although it reduced my traffic, but sure I'll make out time to re-write them all.

    This is a nice guide for every blogger who has been facing issues while applying for adsense.

    Thanks for sharing, and again congratulations.

    1. Hi Larry,

      It feels awesome to see you here and welcome to TricksRoad.Yes if you are doing everything on track, I don't think getting approval is a big thing.

      It's great to know about your experience and the way you overcame on it.You've a great list in draft, Thanks for the nice words, keep visiting !!

      Ashutosh Jha

  7. Hi Ashutosh,
    Nice to meet you at AhaNOW's ABC pages
    Glad that i landed here too!
    What an in-depth post on adsense and other
    connected activities, The connected links are
    really worth reading, I am bookmarking this and
    I am going to share with few of my friends who
    seek for adsense account. I got adsense account
    in almost three months time, my friend told me while
    applying for it, you have to wait a minimum of six months time
    but i got it in 3 months time. Though i followed some of the tips
    mentioned here,
    I am sure this post will be a great help and guide to many. :-)
    Keep writing
    Good Wishes

    1. Hi PhilipAriel,

      It's great to see you at TricksRoad and thanks for your valuable feedback !!

      This is the common thing that every blogger and webmaster think that they can't get the approval before six month. Though Google have this policy for Asian subcontinent but it's not true. You can take your case itself. You got in three month. Thanks for sharing your experience. This is really going to help our readers.

      And I'm glad that you found this post helpful and considered to bookmark. Thanks again for the wonderful comment. Keep visiting :)

      Ashutosh Jha

  8. Hi Ashutosh,

    You summed it up very well. Adsense have been a great place for every blogger at some point of life. It is the best place to earn after direct advertisement.

    Getting approved from Adsense seems tough for many, but as you explained if followed all necessary steps, it shouldn't be that hard.

    All the best to you buddy. Take care.

    1. Hi Rohan,

      Good to see you at TricksRoad and much thanks for your valuable feedback. I agree with you after direct advertisement, AdSense is the best way to earn from sites. And this is the channel on which most of the webmasters and blogger believe. Thanks for the appreciation. Keep visiting :)


  9. Hi Ashutosh,

    Congrats for getting your adsense account approved on first attempt. I got my adsense account on my third attempt.

    The tips you have mentioned are excellent. Though the age of the domain matters, it is not compulsory that it should be more than 6 months. If you have unique content, you can get the approval even in one month old domain.

    Point number 8 is important. You need to have privacy policy, about and contact page.

    I like the layout of your website. Looks smooth. But I suspect its not wordpress. Am I correct?


    1. Hi Umapathy,

      First of all Welcome to TricksRoad and thanks much for the valuable feedback !!

      It's great to know you tried till you got the approval because I've seen many blogger who leave applying after one or two unsuccessful attempt. Agree with you that domain age does not matter a lot but it's a good practice to apply with a domain of at least one or one and half month age.

      Glad to know Umapathy that you liked our site and yes you're correct bro it's on blogger platform.

      Thanks for the wonderful comment. Keep visiting :)

      Ashutosh Jha

  10. One more advantage of this policy is this comes with an investment option super real with unemployment at
    historically high levels, some people are facing no income whatsoever.

  11. Dear Ashutosh,

    Your guide practically 100% working for every one. Case study is very good. All the best.

    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

  12. Bro I am New in Blogging,
    Please Check out my Blog " " & Give Some Suggestions !!!
    Thanks ...

    1. Hey Nishant,

      I checked your site, let me know what you need, Definitely i will help you.


  13. Hi Ashutosh

    Good tips about adsense approval I have struggled a lot while getting approved with adsense team but rules have changed a lot then in the beginning everything you have mentioned here must followed before applying.


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