How To Increase iOS App Download?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, July 13, 2021
Do you have an iOS app, but the install is not much?

Well, don’t worry! You are not alone. In app store, there are more than 2.2 million apps and around 40% apps are having fewer than 100 downloads in app store.

Isn’t this alerting sign?

Yes, it is and that too when global download rate for iOS apps are seeing 22%+ downloads.
There can be multiple reason for this and one of the majors is due to the initial boost. You may need few initial installs to get the momentum. And this is where buy iOS installs kind of service can be helpful to you. The good thing is, such service offers an authentic way to get the downloads and installation.

Now let’s start and see how to increase iOS app download easily-

5 ways to increase iOS app download

These are the proven ways and you can get started even free with many of these. The great thing is, some of these techniques give instant result.

#1 Improve app store optimization (ASO)

Yes, this is first way to increase iOS app download using the organic way. The way we optimize website using search engine optimization, optimization of app store is called as app store optimization (ASO). There are many ingredients those you can follow to have a perfectly optimize app in app store.

ASO is the process of increasing the visibility of your iOS app in the app store by optimizing- app title, description, keywords, screenshots, etc. You might have heard that someone’s app is #1 in a particular category. All these are because of ASO. There are multiple factors those affect ASO directly and some of those are-

  • Social proof
  • Number of positive reviews
  • Number of app starts
  • User retention
  • Relevance of keywords in the app title and description
  • Regional-specific rankings

Above factors are not only important for the ASO but also helps the user to have positive perception about your app. When users have option to select between the apps for the same uses, if you have better reviews, social proof, etc. there are chances that users will prefer your app compared to your competitors.

Here is a quick ASO cheat sheet that you can follow-

#2 Build your online presence

Another quick way to get more iOS download is by building a strong online presence. There are many ways to do this. One of the easiest way is to create a dedicated landing page for your app. You can write the detailed description for your app with pros, USPs, and action buttons to download the app. If you check the above link for landing pages, there are many WP landing page free plugin which you can use.

Make sure the design you select for landing page is professional and suit the requirement. Please note the landing page for a dating app will be different from a finance app. Add the button to download on the landing page as and when required. This will help increase the downloading of the apps.

Along with the website or a landing page, you can also create a blog for it where you can share the content with your audience. In the blog section, you can write the content related to the niche you have the app and link back to your landing page to increase the download. Here are a few quick sample designs of the landing pages- 

#3 Make outreach

Outreaching is another great way to get the free downloads. If you have an email list, you can quickly shoot an email using any email marketing software to give a shoutout about your new app. You can write a good email and send the email with a download link of your app.

When you have a targeted audience, there are high chances that people will tend to download. Here is a sample email outreach template you can use asking the users to try out. You can customize it according your requirement-

#4 Ask your users for reviews and rating

We all have the habit to install the apps with high rating. If some app is rated 2 or 2.5, high chances are people won’t download your app. So, whatever downloads and install you have asked them to give you good comment and rating. Higher the rating, there are high chances of ranking in the app store. In fact, this is also one of the factors of ASO.

An effective way to increase the user to rate your app is by using the push notification at the right time. Means when your user is using your app, send them a push notification requesting the review and comment. I recommend when the user has used your app for 5-10 times, ask them to review.

#5 Make a buzz about your app

Another technique can be to make buzz about your app. There are many ways you can use to make buzz and some of these are as below-

  • Promote your app using your social media. You can create posts/videos/images on major social media platforms.
  •  Do a blog post outreach guest post campaign to fellow bloggers. You can reach out to the other bloggers and request for a guest post. I recommend doing such in the relevant niche only.
  • You can also post on PR sites. There are many PR agency who can take care of such campaigns. Try going for the PR news on the relevant sites, media platforms.

#6 Buy download

There are many platforms who offers download service. Such companies charge you some bucks and try getting you some authentic downloads. What I have seen is, they will search for some keywords and then download form that link. Once downloaded, they will use it as well to make it authentic. Although I don’t recommend this but yes, for initial boost, you may leverage such service.


These were the 6 best ways to increase iOS download. Many of these are freeways those you can use to get more app installs. If you have an app, do let me know what technique you have used to grow your app.

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