Workplace Injury Must Not Hurt an Employee Financially

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Business owners have a moral and legal responsibility to protect their employees. They must ensure the work environment is not hazardous to the workers' health. One way to ensure safety is to purchase a worker’s compensation insurance policy for the employees. The employment laws in California ensure that a workplace injury must not financially emaciate an employee.

A workers’ compensation insurance financially helps injured employees. If you receive an injury on the job, you may qualify for compensation through this policy. If nothing works and you feel dissatisfied, Black and DePaoli can proudly serve to bring you justice in Folsom and Sacramento, California.


Workers’ compensation eligibility varies from case to case. Some cases are cut and dry that easily receive financial support. However, some require proof of injury and negligence. Generally, all employees injured at work are entitled to compensation. The only exceptions are intoxicated employees, freelancers, and those who miss the deadlines.

Some common examples of workplace injuries include:

  • Slip and fall injury
  • Heavy machinery injury
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Lifting injury
  • Heavy metal poisoning
  • Burns
  • Chemical injury
  • Amputation

Benefits of Workers Compensation

If you get injured on the job, you may want to explore workers’ compensation insurance benefits. Following are a few of the most common benefits;

Medical Compensation

Financial aid to pay medical bills is the most significant contribution of the worker's compensation insurance. Your employer will likely insist on formal diagnosis and treatment for the injury. Sometimes, the bills can cost thousands of dollars. Your insurance policy reimburses you for the complete or partial healthcare costs, depending on the case. You may even receive reimbursement for lost wages during the recovery period.

Disability Compensation

Suppose an injury makes it difficult to do part of your job. In that case, the worker's compensation policy helps make up the difference for lost wages. It can also help compensate for regular working hours if you cannot work at all. Disability compensation is available in both short and long-term situations.

Family Compensation

Some workplace accidents can result in the death of the employee(s). If such an unfortunate event comes to pass, the employee's family will be entitled to receive death compensation through workers compensation insurance. It comes in two parts;

  • The payment covers funeral costs
  • The payment supports the deceased individual's family after the funeral ends

Workers' compensation pays a portion of the deceased individual's salary to their family in financial aid. The eligibility for these benefits extends to both spouses, including any children or dependents. The spouse qualifies for compensation until they remarry. A child or defendant can receive compensation until they are adults.

Last Word

Some cases are open and shut; they are easy to handle. However, some cases can get complicated, especially when unmarried partners, stepchildren, siblings, or parents claim compensation. Insurance companies usually fight against paying under such complications. In these cases, the intervention of competent lawyers becomes necessary. If you feel like your rights are not being fully upheld, seek help from a specialist injury attorney to dedicate the attention required to get justice.
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