Common Negligence and Liability Personal Injury Issues

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Cases of personal injury arise when a party injures another by failing to act with reasonable care in a situation. Personal injury cases are unique. Each case has its own set of variables, making it impossible to predict a personal injury claim’s magnitude. However, there are some common threads in all personal injury cases that a plaintiff must understand.

The laws for personal injury vary from state to state. However, these laws are very clear in California. Whether you face a huge medical bill after an auto accident or need help to understand your options in workers’ compensation, understanding the basics of these laws can be very helpful. Your personal injury law firm is meant to guide you to the best of their abilities, but some knowledge on your part will go a long way to ensure a sizable reward.

Claims for Negligence in Personal Injury Cases

Negligence refers to a failure in exercising a reasonable degree of care in a specific circumstance. To win such a claim, the plaintiff and their attorney must clearly show that the injury or damages were caused by a lack of reasonable oversight by the defendant. The plaintiff must identify the breach of duty of care and provide a complete breakdown of damages resulting from such breach.

When you start building your personal injury claim, your lawyer must highlight the factors that may complicate your case. The two typical problems that plaintiffs face are comparative negligence and unclear liability between multiple parties in California.

Comparative Negligence

The term ‘comparative negligence’ refers to specific situations when the plaintiff is partially responsible for causing damages. It occasionally happens in ordinary auto accidents. The plaintiff files a claim against the defendant for damages. The defendant files a counterclaim for the plaintiff’s partial responsibility. The statutes for comparative negligence can influence how much can a plaintiff win from a personal injury claim.

The state of California upholds a pure statute for comparative negligence. It means that the plaintiff may still win some compensation for partial damages with no threshold for denial of a suitable award. Several states follow the statute that denies plaintiff awards if their fault is greater than 50%. However, California holds no such limits. Here, the plaintiff only loses an award equal to their measure of fault.

Multiple Defendants

Sometimes the liability for a personal injury falls upon multiple defendants. In such cases, the plaintiff must establish each defendant bears a measure of responsibility for the damages. This may make settlement negotiations more complex. However, it generally falls to the court to decide each named defendant’s share in damages.

Commercial vehicle accidents can often implicate multiple parties. For instance, if the driver operates a commercial vehicle and causes an accident under the influence of alcohol, the driver will face liability for driving under impairment. Additionally, the company that owns the vehicle may also face liability for their failure to do appropriate background checks on the driver and allowing him or her to drive under the influence.

A personal injury attorney may advise you on the appropriation of fault. If the judge finds all defendants responsible for the accident, they will share suitable percentages of compensation. When the time comes for settlement negotiations, the defendants typically decide amongst themselves what they owe.

Hire a Capable Personal Injury Attorney

Remember that even a tiny procedural error or a missed court deadline may ultimately jeopardize your claim. That’s why it is imperative to hire a competent personal injury attorney who understands all the law’s ins and outs. He or she may help you navigate these treacherous waters for a fruitful recovery claim.

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