Why Choose Ukraine For Outsourcing?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, January 13, 2021
After the collapse of the USSR, the Ukrainian economy was in a lamentable state. However, looking to the west, the country tried to develop not only in a stable agricultural sector for itself but also bring new technologies, and therefore new professions into the life of Ukrainians.
Why choose outsourcing

World outsourcing develops in different directions, however, in Ukraine only the IT direction is widely used. Since 2003, it has shown incredible growth.

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In 2016, Ukraine finally secured the status of a country beneficial for cooperation. More than 100 000 people were employed in the IT sector alone. At the same time, another direction of outsourcing, KPO, gained momentum since there were more than 100 research centers in Ukraine including even Cisco and Samsung.

Back in 2015, the volume of software exports in Ukraine has estimated at around $2.5 billion, and a year later this figure was $3 billion, showing an increase of 15-20% in 12 months.

Approximately 80% of export went to the United States. Today, almost the entire industry (86%) is concentrated in 5 large cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv.

Advantages of outsourcing in Ukraine

It is fair to say that outsourcing itself already has a certain number of advantages that do not have a link to the country. By transferring the business processes of your company to another, you will receive the following performance indicators:

1) Savings. Outsourcing services will always be cheaper than hiring permanent employees. Also, you don’t need to rent/purchase premises, maintain an office, purchase equipment, etc.

2) Reducing risks. By signing an appropriate contract, your company can only control the actions of the contractor, thereby reducing the number of processes performed.

3) Saving time. The outsourcer company, as a rule, already has ready-made employees who will be able to start their duties the next day after signing the contract.

4) Quality. The narrow focus of outsourcing companies allows them to hone their skills in the area in which they specialize. Also, their employees are constantly being trained to keep up with modern trends.

5) Reducing the load. Reducing the number of tasks performed allows you not to be distracted by non-core processes that were accompanied by additional difficulties.

A huge plus is to highlight a huge number of universities throughout the whole country in which a large percentage is allocated to specialists in technical specialties. At the moment, Ukraine ranks third in the world in terms of the number of people who received higher education as well as second in the number of graduates with a master's degree in their specialty.

At the same time, among this incredible indicator, the number of IT specialists is also in a high 4th place in the world. Ukrainian developers are regular participants and prize-winners of world conferences in which more than 11 million participants from 50 countries.

For example, in 2013, as many as 56 participants from Ukraine won first place in various individual nominations such as graphics, software development, databases, and programming languages.

The future of outsourcing in Ukraine

The active development of the IT industry and outsourcing itself in the world gives the Ukrainian business specializing in these two areas, an opportunity to be confident in future prospects and to devote all efforts to their own improvement.

According to forecasts of IT Solutions company, in 2020, revenues in this business segment will grow by more than 30% which once again proves that foreign partners are ready to cooperate with Ukrainian companies and their number is growing every year.

Yes, today Ukraine has not yet achieved the same level when talking about volumes of China or India. However, from the point of view of providing the services themselves, Ukrainian specialists are in no way inferior to their foreign competitors. They still have the advantage of performing well at a fairly low cost.

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