How to Convert Word to PDF for Free Using A Web-Based Tool

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, November 25, 2020
If you are sending a document that you want to be secured, safe, and confidential, it is ideal to use a PDF file format. A PDF file is the image conversion of the Word document that you created. Converting a file to a PDF has a lot of benefits to keep the integrity of a file.

One of which is the ability to keep your desired layout, font, and formatting of a file. Since there are a lot of word processing versions available, it is no guarantee that sending a word doc will keep the layout of your file. Thus, it’s ideal to use a PDF format for more permanent files.

However, some converters require a paid subscription. It may ask you to sign up and provide the credit card information to be able to render your doc file to a PDF. But, did you know that you can convert for free? Here are some ways.

Convert PDF for Free Using PDFBear

The best way to convert word to pdf free and fast is to use an online converter. You can search for various websites online, but one of the most trusting sites is PDFBear. On this website, you can complete a document to PDF conversion in 4 easy steps. Moreover, you wouldn’t need so much technical support as the website is very user-friendly. It’s a “plug and play” type of online software. Here are the steps:

Upload the Microsoft Word document

You won’t need to worry about the file format. Regardless of whether the file is saved as .doc or .docx, this specific online converter will do the job for you. All you need to do is to upload it on their website.

Automatic scanning of the document

Once you have selected the file that you want to convert, the online tool will automatically scan your document and prepare it for conversion. You wouldn’t need to search for the “convert” button and accidentally click an advertisement. With this tool, it’s all automatically done by the system.

Patiently wait for the conversion to finish

Depending on the size of your document and your internet connection, the conversion will be done in two minutes. Larger files and slower Internet may impact the length of waiting.

Download your file instantly

Without any required personal information or mode of payment, your PDF can be downloaded immediately. Upon downloading, you will have the option to save it in a specific folder on your computer. Moreover, you will also have the option of using a URL for online viewing of your file.

Basic Tips Before Converting Your File

Before converting your document to a PDF file, there are certain things that you need to take note of. First, you have to remember that PDF cannot be edited. They are permanent document files that are best to use for safekeeping and archiving a specific document. So, before you start with the conversion, here are some tips that you need to remember:

Finalize the file

As mentioned above, the file will be uneditable once you convert it. Thus, you need to make sure that it’s already the final version before you convert it.

Review the entire document

You can use a proofreading tool, or you can manually do it yourself. Regardless of the method, make sure that your file is well-written and has no grammatical errors. There would be no way for you to edit it after the conversion.

Make sure images are formatted properly

One of the best things about a PDF file is that it retains the formatting that you set in your document. Part of which is the images. Double-check that the image format and the sizes are properly laid out in the document.

Check the page size and layout

PDF will also adapt the same page size and layout that you set in the document. So, if you are intending to print the PDF file in the future, make sure to save it in the correct page size and orientation. Insert watermark, if necessary: For legal and business documents, you have the option to include a watermark in the file. It can be a diagonal “confidential” sign across the page, or it can be a full-size logo of your company in the center. It’s not required, but it will make your PDF file look more formal and elegant.

Convert all you want

There is no limit if you want to convert a word document to PDF for free using this specific website, but there’s a threshold for the number of files that you can convert in a day.

So, if you want to maximize all the features available in this converter, you might want to try the paid Pro version. With the pro version, you will have unlimited time uploading for higher file sizes. What are you waiting for? It’s time to convert!

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