Best Technology Tools for Real Estate Agents

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In the past, we have talked about a lot of blogging tools and now starting a journey on industry-wise technology tools. The first post in this series is the best real estate agent technology tool. In this article, we will talk about some of the best technology tools for real estate agents.

Best Technology Tools for Real Estate Agents
The job of a real estate agent is not easy and needs multiple iterations like posting the inventory, getting calls, scheduling the visit, closing transactions, follow-ups, and more.

So, to make the job of real estate agents easy, we are going to share some of the best real estate agent technology tools. Some of these tools are premium while others are free and so you can select depending on budget.

Best Real Estate Agent Technology Tools

Let’s start and see some of the best technology tools for real estate agents-

#1 Task Management: Asana

Task Management: Asana
As the number of actors involved in the real estate is quite large and so task management tool is very important. There are many task management tools available in the market which you can explore. The one which we recommend is Asana. Personally, we have been using this for our task management job, and is working perfectly. You can also track what your other team members are doing and better collaborate in this manner.

Asana Pricing

Asana is free for basic uses and for all the advanced features, you can subscribe to the paid plan which starts at $10.99 per month.

Other task management tools

If you’re not much satisfied with Asana, you can also look for alternatives like Trello, Wrike, and Flow.

#2 Social Media Posts: PosterMyWall

Social Media Posts: Postermywall
For a real estate agent, promotion is very important. And how you can miss social media? 

Your millions of targeted users spend hours on social media and so reaching out to the potential user using social media is a common game. But when you’re advertising your listing on social media, make sure the images, videos, and even texts are impressive. The better image you will post, there are more chances that the people will make the query and so the sales.

You can either hire someone to do this job for you or you can do yourself also using many social media posts creation tools. One such tool which we recommend is PosterMyWall. PosterMyWall offers free real estate flyer templates to make your work easy. There are hundreds of free and paid templates which you can use and customize for your need.

All you have to do in this case is, just use any template, customize the text, image, and videos and finally save your file. Once done, you can share it on any social media.

We recommend PosterMyWall because this is a leading online tool to create social media posts and flyers. It offers a way for realtors to create graphics for individual listings with professional-looking templates with minimal cost.

PosterMyWall Pricing

PosterMyWall offers free tier pricing as well where you need to pay separately for premium stuff. The premium plans start at $29.95 per quarter.

Other social media post creation tool

If due for any reason, you didn’t like PosterMyWall, you can use the other alternative like Canva.

#3 CRM: Zoho

CRM: Zoho
The next tool that a real estate agent might need is the CRM to manage all. CRM is a system that fulfills multiple requirements of real estate agents and firms. It manages all incoming requests, prepares pricing quotes, selling property, and many such days to day to day activities in a single system. After a lot of research, we found Zoho as one of the best CRM for real estate. The major reason behind this is the ease of use and the numerous features provided by Zoho. Zoho offers-

  • Built-in campaigns for sending out targeted lead nurturing emails
  • Project management tools to keep tabs on all your ongoing projects
  • Third-party integrations and APIs to improve productivity
  • Complete customization to accommodate the unique processes of real estate agents
  • Self-service portals to connect both sellers and buyers directly with your business

Zoho CRM Pricing

Zoho offers a free tier plan with three free users and essentials like leads, documents, and mobile apps, it’s a perfect fit for your home business. On a high level, you can subscribe to the paid plan which starts at $18 per user per month. If you will buy yearly, you can save 20% on it. You can check the details here.

Other CRM for Real Estate

If due to some reason you are not happy with Zoho, there are many other options for you. The major Zoho CRM alternatives are, Bitrix24, Zillow Premier Agent CRM, Agile CRM, and many more.

#4 Email Marketing and Newsletter: MailChimp

Email Marketing and Newsletter: MailChimp
It is very important for any organization is to be in touch with their potential customers and current customers. The same matters in real estate as well and even more. This is where email marketing comes into the picture. You can constantly send emails to your audience with regular newsletters, new listings, offers, and more. And Mailchimp can help you here. The major reason behind using Mailchimp is an amazing service and low cost. Even you can use Mailchimp for free if you have an audience up to 2000.

You can use Mailchimp’s form on your website, collect emails, and send dedicated emails to them. You can also send automated emails, create landing pages, and more.

MailChimp Pricing

As said above, you can use Mailchimp free for subscribers up to 2000. In the free plan, you also get a free website builder, CRM, forms, landing pages, and more. If you have more than 2000 emails and need advance features, you can subscribe to a paid plan which starts at $9.99 per month.

Other email marketing tool for real estate

If you’re not satisfied with the service of Mailchimp, you can look for other best email marketing services. The major Mailchimp alternatives are Aweber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, and more.

#5 e-Signature: HelloSign

e-Signature: HelloSign
A lot of legal works are involved in real estate too like signing contracts, making agreements, and more. Nowadays, every industry is getting digitized and so real estate. Especially during this pandemic when people can’t get outside normally, the digital signature is the most suitable way to get the documentation done without any hiccups. For this, you can use HelloSign which is the most reliable e-signature company. HelloSign is a Dropbox company and so you can be sure about security and trust.

HelloSign Pricing

HelloSign has a free sign where you can make 3 signature requests per month. If you’re looking for more, go ahead with the essential plan which comes at $20 per month. But when you pay annually, it just comes at $15 per month.

Other e-Signature Tools for Real Estate

If you’re not satisfied with the HelloSign then you can look for other e-signature tools. The best HelloSign alternatives are- DocuSign, Adobe, AssureSign, and more.

Final Words on top real estate agent technology tools

These were the top 5 technology tools real estate agents need. We have covered the best tools in this segment. If you are associated with the real estate industry, please let us know which all tools and apps you’re using on your daily operations.

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