How To Find A Good SEO Expert

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Finding a good SEO expert is not an easy task. For our firm TricksRoad Media, we are facing this issue for months. We even hired one agency but even after spending more than 6 months, almost no results we're getting for one of our projects. And so, finally, we closed our deal with them.
Top SEO ExpertFurther, I started hunting for individuals who can take the individual projects and get the work delivered. And believe me, this worked for us.

In this post on how to find a good SEO expert, I am going to share my experience of finding, selecting, and hiring an SEO expert. Let’s start now and see how to find a good SEO expert.

How To Find A Good SEO Expert

There are many ways to find the best SEO consultant which requires some efforts. You can try these to get you the best SEO expert. The problem is, with all these you need some expertise to identify the best candidate for you.

Below are some of the recommended techniques which you can follow-

#1 Ask for recommendations

Have you seen companies providing thousands of dollars for successful referrals?

Why do they do that?

Because they believe in their existing employees and think if they’re referring to someone then they must be good enough. And this works also!

Your network is your circle and the best place to hunt for an SEO expert. Reach out to people who used to hire in a similar space and ask for recommendations. And then reach out to them to see if they are open for opportunities. You may do the same on a professional network like LinkedIn or small microblogging platforms like Twitter as well.

#2 Look for the staffing agencies

It’s well said that if you’re not good at something, get it done by those who are good at it. And in the process of how to find a good SEO expert, this works pretty well.

You may look for some of the best digital marketing staffing agencies in your locality and ask them to send you the relevant candidate. As the staffing agencies have expertise in the niche and so you can expect some great candidates turning out.

There are many such staffing agencies like temp agency portland, Hirewell, Victory Lap, Vested, and more.

#3 Check on top SEO consultants

There are many sites like, Upcity, Clutch, etc. where you can find the top SEO consultants. These sites are pretty famous with millions of visitors and so, you can find some of the top SEO experts here.

Apart from these, you can also go with the recommendations by the top SEO sites like Search Engine Journal. As per SEJ, SEO consultants like-

  1. Andy Drinkwater from iQ SEO Ltd
  2. Heather Lloyd-Martin from SuccessWorks
  3. Dixon Jones from Majestic and DHJ Ventures LTD
  4. Carolyn Shelby from ESPN
  5. Cyrus Shepard from Zyppy

Are the top 5 SEO experts in the industry.

#4 Read the reviews

For any company or independent consultant, you can find many reviews on sites like Google, Quora, etc. So, if you’re hiring any top SEO expert then probably you can check their Google reviews or on similar sites.

#5 Hunt on Freelancing sites

This can be your next destination to find a good SEO expert. There are many freelancing sites where people do micro-jobs.

The sites like Fiverr, SEOClerk, Freelancer, etc. where you can find thousands of SEO experts. You can proceed to these sites and look for the best SEO consultants or gigs. And then look for the reviews based on their previous work. 

How to find a good seo expert
You can simply check their reviews and if you’re satisfied, hire them for the project.

#6 Follow Meetups

You can also attend SEO meetups to get in touch with SEO experts. Usually, these meetups have some great SEO consultants and aspiring ones also. You can talk to them and propose your idea for the potential work.


These were the top 6 methods on how to find a good SEO expert. If you’re also looking for the one, it’s time to look for the one by using the above techniques.

I have not mentioned search engines as the site or people who come at the top in search engines, won't necessarily be the top SEO consultant. Follow any of the above and see them taking your site ranking improving.

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