8 Biggest Cloud Computing Benefits

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Large corporations and small businesses are turning to cloud computing services to take care of their data security. A recent survey found that 96% of all the respondents used cloud services in 2018. The survey also mentioned that 92% of businesses used the public cloud while some used the more secure private cloud service.

Experts claimed that the trend would continue further in 2020 when all companies could have cloud-only or cloud-first policies.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the technique where both hardware and software are delivered via the network. Usually, this happens on the internet and so, cloud computing is computing over the internet.

Earlier, if anyone has to use any software, they need to download and install on their physical system and use it. While in the case of cloud computing, you can access the same kind of applications using the internet.

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5 Best Cloud Computing Advantages

But why are cloud services popular among businesses worldwide?

Here are several advantages that cloud services can offer any company to explain the growing demand for this data storage system.-

  1. Low risk
  2. Cost-saving
  3. Flexibility
  4. Security
  5. Less energy consumption
  6. Mobility
  7. Disaster Recovery
  8. Automatic software updates

#1 Lowers the Risks of Operational Issues

While the cloud computing infrastructure looks complicated, it has lesser problems compared to other computing systems used by businesses. Cloud services typically run using the servers maintained by companies that aim to make the cloud error-free. These companies will immediately fix the problem as soon as it arises, which means that business owners do not have to worry about technical issues.

#2 Helps save Money- Cost Saving

Since business owners no longer need to keep a tech support team to fix their server issues from time to time, getting cloud services from credible companies can help them save a lot of money. Companies will also save more money with cloud computing because they do not need to buy expensive server upgrades when planning to scale their businesses. If the company fails to expand as much as expected, the costly server upgrade will be a waste of their resources. With cloud services, they can buy more space as needed.

#3 Encourages Teamwork- Flexibility

A previous survey from the Cloud Security Alliance found out that many companies get regular demand from users to buy more cloud applications that can allow them to share files and collaborate with the team. The result of the survey is not a surprise since cloud computing is designed for collaboration within a group of people working towards the same goal.

The members of the team can access all the data and files that they need anywhere and work on them together, even if they are not physically together.

#4 Provides More Security

Another report from the Cloud Security Alliance revealed that 64.9% of IT leaders believe that cloud services are more secure compared to their on-premise systems.

As per the report by the Cloud major Salesforce, 94% of businesses saw an improvement after they switched to the cloud.
Since companies have the option of asking their cloud servers to install extra protection for their sensitive data and files, they can get the assurance that the data and files will be safe from unauthorized access. Also, some cloud service providers can back up the data using additional remote servers. It means that they have added protection against unexpected data losses. You can check more about the importance of cloud computing security here.

#5 Lowers the Company’s Carbon Footprint

More companies aim to become environment-friendly nowadays. Using cloud servers can help them be more sustainable. Since cloud computing solutions need fewer physical servers, companies that avail of these services can downsize their data center. It means that they will start using lesser energy resources. According to a previous study from Microsoft, using cloud storage can save 79 to 93 % of the usual on-premise data center’s energy.

Also, companies no longer have to use a lot of paper for printouts since the staff can get soft copies of their files anywhere they are.

#6 Mobility

Another great cloud computing benefit is mobility. You can access your asset using a mobile device. As per the recent report by Ericsson, there are 6.1 Billion mobile users in 2020 and so cloud computing ensures no one is left.
Especially for the organization where consultants travel a lot, having the files and documents on the cloud will ensure everyone is getting the required information from anywhere. No matter whether you’re traveling, on holiday, or out of your system, files on the cloud can be accessed from anywhere. This definitely provides flexibility to the employees to work and access remotely.

#7 Disaster Recovery

No organization would want to get the downtime for their business. Although every organization tries to keep the downtime or failure as little as possible but still can’t be completely controlled. Controlling the complete failure is not in the hand of anyone.

But one thing you can control is the recovery. How soon you can recover depends on what kind of backup or recovery system you have. Another cloud computing benefit is disaster recovery. Almost all cloud service providers give you quick data recovery for all emergencies. This helps from preventing a big loss for any organization.

When a survey was done between cloud users and non-cloud users, 20% of cloud users claimed to have data recovery in less than 4 hours. While only 9% of the non-cloud users claimed the same.

#8 Automatic Software Updates

This is another cloud computing benefit where you don’t have to think of software updates. In the normal system, you have to wait for the updates to download and install. This sometimes becomes irritating. But with the cloud system, this doesn’t happen. Cloud-based applications don't wait for the admins to install the update. Instead, it automatically refreshes and installs the patches and updates.

As per the latest report by Rackspace, 50% of clients have agreed that they need fewer internal IT resources to manage cloud computing.

Wrapping it up!

These are just some of the most apparent advantages of using cloud services. It is why most experts believe that more businesses can adopt this technology in the coming years. With the help of cloud services, companies no longer have to worry about security and storage problems.
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