How to Improve Your Gaming Skills

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, September 17, 2018
Got pro ambitions? Do you see yourself competing in professional gaming tournaments to win that $25 million prize pool and become an instant video game celebrity? It’s a good dream, kid, but know that pro gamer train intensively to play at the level they are in right now. They easily can go over 50 hours per week just playing that specific game they compete in.
How to Improve Your Gaming Skills
That’s just like a job, you say? Of course it is.

They don’t earn millions of dollars for nothing. They have a live stream audience to please, a MOBA team to carry, a corporate sponsor to represent. They’re professionals, after all, and not many aspirants can ascend to their class.

However, you can become a better player. Doing so can make gaming that much more enjoyable.

You can git gud. Just follow any of these tips.

Play, Play, Play!

One way to become better at anything is to practice, to do it repeatedly until you’ve improved, and then to do it some more. That’s easy with gaming, because you’re just sitting and playing video games.

So play. A lot.

In the case of pros, they play about 8 hours in a training facility with their teammates, then when they go home, they play some more. It may not be possible for you to match their hours, so make do with the limited time you have available. Just don’t compromise your studies, your work, or the time you spend with your loved ones.

You may also want to focus on one game style/genre (i.e., fighting, MOBAs, racing, etc.). It’s better to specialize than to be a general jack-of-all-trades. Your time and effort will yield better results, and your abilities for that specific genre won’t get rusty.

For example, play a lot of Over watch or Counter-Strike:GO, and keep on improving your aim. Then when new first-person shooters, like Battlefield V, come out, your skills will remain relevant.

Of course, you may also occasionally play other game genres so as not to make things dull. Otherwise, your passion for gaming may get extinguished by the monotony.

Get a Good Machine

Constant practice may take you far, but you are limited by how well your computer performs. Sometimes, you need a good gaming setup to keep up with your mad skillz. An eagle-eyed sharpshooter with a only stone ax is no match for a prepube commandeering an M1 Abrams battle tank, after all.

So here’s the second tip: get a good gaming computer.

They are typically expensive. However, you may find great deals if you keep your eyes and ears open.

Components that aren’t considered current tech anymore can have sudden drops in prices. Some manufacturers even make budget components, like the Ryzen 7 1700, as they know that not everyone can buy the latest $1799 Threadripper.

Play with Others

They say that your greatest enemy is yourself. Well, in games, that’s not the case.

You can play single-player games, but you’ll learn more if you play competitively or cooperatively with other gamers, especially those who are better than you. There will always be people who will be faster and smarter than you, and from their abilities, you can gain much insight that you can apply to your own.

Besides, where’s the fun in gaming when you can’t share your achievements with your friends, when you overcome a trial together with an online community, when you somehow win over a pro gamer in a public match?

Just be sure that you aren’t playing with the toxic kind of gamer, those who try to belittle you and ignore your worth. You don’t need that kind of negativity. For their kind, it’s better that you either utterly defeat them or walk away before you lose your cool.


Any of these three can make you a better gamer. You may even become the very best, like no one ever was. But if not, then at least you’ll get to cleave through noobs in your quest for power. That’s fun in itself. Try it sometime. It’s twistedly therapeutic.

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