4 Top Data Tracking Software Benefits

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, March 14, 2019
Big data create bigger headaches, right? Wrong!

Data tracking software makes sense of your business's daily operations. Where before you made decisions on "gut instinct", you now leverage data-driven decisions.

How does one begin tracking everything? Let's find out.

Data tracking software benefits

The Smart Data Tracking Software Benefits

From SalesForce to Basecamp, tracking tools create boundless opportunities to improve the operations. Use the following benefits as solid reasons to add data tools in your business, today.

#1 Optimize Workflows

Employee time tracking is one such use of data tracking software. In this scenario, you gain an overview of employee activities. Knowing their activities could improve their workflow while increasing productivity & profitability.

Benefits within employee time tracking include:

  • Accurate billing to clients
  • Streamline app interactions
  • Compare strong & weak points

You could use the data to provide critical training and resources. This empowers the team letting them do their jobs well. Of course, you wouldn't know this without a feedback loop -- data tracking tools make this possible!

#2 Improve Physical Security

Shrinkage is an expected loss a business takes from missing inventory. Sometimes shrinkage happens from employee theft. Shrinkage may also happen through an accident like walking off with an item a person didn't know they had.

There are several ways to increase physical security to curb shrinkage:

  • Installing visitor registration kiosks
  • Reworking the layout and physical access
  • Using cashless systems at the front

Data tracking can help you discover the touch points people have with inventory. And, by that way, you can reduce the potential shrinkage in your business!

#3 Quantize Web Efforts

Several business investments from SEO to social media marketing aren't exact sciences. Most of what businesses do online come from best practices and testing. There's no way to know if strategies prove effective without tracking.

Apply data tracking to these key online strategies:

  • Website rankings and ad performance
  • Email open, response, and click rates
  • Social shares, comments, and clicks
  • Contact form usage (email, phone, and live chat)

Analytics tools let you explore A/B testing to improve your online marketing ROI. The dataset becomes the baseline while you test variants. A positive improvement could spike interactions -- generating more profits!

#4 Master Customer Support and Experience

The customer funnel begins with the 1st interaction and throughout the business relationship. Yet, even your passionate customers withhold from support reps. Worse, your reps may forget or fail to take vital notes your business could use to improve the experience.

How could data tracking improve support and experience?

  • Record keeping and automated follow-ups through CRM solutions
  • Customer service rep performance reviews
  • Database organization of contact details and contact points

Tracking software could also include asset solutions. An asset tracking app will inform customers of their orders and expected deliveries. Combine this with support and you'll create an experience that'll keep them happy.

Conclusion- Data Tracking Software Benefits

Businesses operate on a global scale no matter their size due in part to the Internet. Even with a small online presence, businesses can still benefit from feedback. Data tracking software is what makes the improvements possible.

Learn how to make apps work for your business. See our software section for more, great tips and resources to grow your business, today.
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