New Building Materials Transforming the Construction Industry

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, March 17, 2019
The building construction industry continues to threaten the world’s eco-system. Buildings consume over 30 percent of our natural resources. They are also responsible for around 40 percent of global carbon emissions.

New Building Materials Transforming the Construction Industry
The building material industry has met the challenge and is producing a host of environmentally friendly building materials that reduce these negative impacts. You can learn more here about some of these new building materials and the creative ways they are saving our planet.

New Building Materials Transforming the Construction Industry

There is a new generation of eco-friendly building materials that are making a breakthrough. Here is a list of future building material sure to help stop destroying our environment.


Clay bricks are heated in kilns or furnaces at around 1200 degrees. As a result, these furnaces release high amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There are an estimated 700 million tons of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere every year, from this process.

Here are a couple of products that are trying to correct that damage:

#1 BioMason

BioMason “creates” bricks by growing them, not firing them. This reduces the number of fossil fuels needed for the heating process.

Engineers add microorganisms to chemical solvents to harden or cure the bricks. This eliminates the need for the firing process.

#2 Breathe Bricks

Breathe Bricks filter polluted outdoor air and releases the filtered air indoors. Breathe Brick technology is designed to blend in with the building’s standard ventilation system.

The Breathe Brick’s interior filter can remove all dust and coarse particles and over 25 percent of outdoor pollutants brought directly into buildings. These bricks are used in areas that experience many dust storms or high vehicle emission levels.


The world’s forest area continues to decrease as more and more trees are harvested to create lumber for construction projects. One innovation to try and reduce that impact includes plastic lumber.

#3 Plastic Lumber

Plastic lumber (PL) is made from 100 percent recycled plastic. PL can withstand splitting and cracking. Common uses for PL include outdoor decking and building trim.


Concrete is a combination of water and either rock, sand, or gravel. When poured, concrete hardens into a durable material. Cement is a powder that can also be mixed with water to make concrete.

Some recent breakthroughs in this building material include:

#4 Martian Concrete

Martian Concrete was created by a research team at Northwestern University who found a way to simulate a cement powder that’s made from the same materials found on the planet Mars. Instead of using water, scientists used molten Sulphur to mix with the powder.

These materials are used because they are plentiful on Mars. They will withstand the planet’s extreme temperatures when man creates their first human settlement on our interplanetary neighbor.

#5 Light Generating Cement

Light generating cement absorbs and generates light. This new material is used to illuminate buildings and roads without using any electricity.

Cement’s raw materials do not allow light to shine through its dense properties. So scientists have found a way to use noncrystalline additives to create glass-like material that allows light to pass through it.

Next Steps

Are you ready to try some of these new building materials on your next construction project? Check with your local universities and research institutes to see if they are working on ideas to reduce the impact building materials have on our environment. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and you’ll keep your competitive edge.

For more construction industry trends and insights, be sure to check our blog. We’re here to help you have an impact on your industry!

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