Why Launching a Business App Will Give Your Business More Hits

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, February 10, 2019
As last reported by Apple in 2017, users downloaded 180 billion apps from the App store since it opened. Google's Play Store experienced high usage as well with its millions of apps.

Since there are so many apps out there, does that mean you missed your window of opportunity? Absolutely not!

Having a business app is more important now than ever. You don't want to be the last business to get on board the mobile app train. Missing out on the many benefits of having your own app can cost you a great deal of money. Continue reading this article to learn how mobile business applications can give you more hits.

Business Apps Are a Hit

It's likely you have more than a few apps from businesses on your own phone. Whether you're on the Android or Apple side of things, you can't deny its a good time to be an app maker.

Keep an open mind as we go through the reasons your business needs an app and how it will bring traffic to your business.

Be Easy to Access & Visible

While people are moving away from using browsers when online, people love apps. Every time notification from their favorite app pings them, they hurry to check it. There is no reason to hide away on the web when you could be an app that is always visible on their phone.

When you're easy to access and highly visible on their mobile device, you will get more traffic than you would with it. Often these people wouldn't think about your company, but since your app is on their phone, you're in their good graces.

Gain Social Shares

Sharing from apps is like second nature for most people. While sharing a website link can feel a little annoying, people love sharing from apps to social apps. You can gain a lot of hits from just getting social shares from people that like your product or service.

Give Your Customers Value

When you create an app, create it with value in mind. Make sure the app you create solves a problem for your audience. You want them to want to keep your app and not get rid of it because it doesn't benefit them.

You can offer tips and tricks that help them in some area of their life that is related to your industry. If you aren't sure what your audience would like out of an app, put out a survey and simply ask them what they would find value in.

Build Your Brand Recognition

You want people to recognize your brand in a positive way. If people don't know your brand, it makes it difficult for them to trust and buy from your company. The more positive brand recognition you have, the better for your business.
When you have more brand recognition, people are more likely to pay attention when they see ads or you put out a promotion. If your customers don't recognize your logo and brand, you're just like another unfamiliar face in the crowd.

Get Customers to Engage With You More

When your customers engage with you more, you get more hits and you build a deeper relationship. The more frequently you can get someone to come and use your app, the more they will get used to your company and brand.

No matter where you go to talk about digital marketing, you always hear the same thing. It's always about engagement. Whether you're talking about comments on YouTube, retweets on Twitter or likes on Facebook, everyone wants the engagement.

Leave the Competition in the Dust

If your competition doesn't have an app, you set yourself apart from them. If someone comes to the app store to see if they have an app, you're likely to get that traffic. Since they don't have an app, your business may be the next closest thing in your industry.

When your app is designed, make sure you put effort and money into it. You don't want an app that doesn't look good. You really don't want an app that doesn't function well.

If you've ever used an app that didn't function correctly, you know how frustrating it can be. You go to click in one area and it takes you to the wrong place, the font size is all wrong. Whatever the case may be, make sure that your app is working properly and well designed.

Use Apps to Create Loyalty

Apps can help you lock in repeat business. Creating business apps that are also loyalty apps can help you keep customers engaged, increase the amount of business they do with your company and even increase sale order sizes.

Apps are a powerful tool that you can't miss out on no matter how non-tech-savvy you are. Using a tool to create an app or hiring someone to do it will allow you to get the app you need even without being savvy in the tech field.

Don't Get Left Behind

While having an app may have been a novelty in the past, it isn't that way anymore. People expect most businesses to have their own app. If your company doesn't have an app, that is an oddity.

If you don't get an app soon, your business may be the one that loses out when people go to the app store to make a search. If your app is properly optimized, you can get a good amount of targeted traffic that is looking for an app just like the one that your company created.

Get More Hits & Grow Your Business

Now that you know more about business apps and how they can benefit your business, continue your learning process. You can look through the blogs on our site, but there are other options if you want to go to the next level. Reach out about consulting if you need more help with your business.
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