The 5 Most Effective Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, January 28, 2019
14 million small businesses in the United States have had an IT breach.

You don't want your IT infrastructure compromised at a critical time, or to leak customer details. You need to know what to do to protect your company online, just like you secure your premises.

We are here to help. Read on for 5 of the most effective cybersecurity tips so your networks can remain safe!

1. Antivirus & Firewall

If you are in control of what enters your network, you will stop most threats dead in their tracks.

A firewall is your network's first line of defense. It dictates what information can enter and leave your network. By setting a 'white list' of connections that are permitted, you can substantially reduce the chance of an outside attack.

Antivirus software monitors your company's computers, quarantining and removing anything suspicious. Having an antivirus installed on every computer such as mcafee total protection will help catch anything that your firewall doesn't stop.

2. Password Policy

One of the simplest to improve your cybersecurity is to have a strong password protocol. Avoid using a string of characters that are hard to remember. Instead, ask your employees to pick a memorable but long passphrase.

Use a two-factor authentication. Depending on your industry, this may be a requirement. Companies such as Cygilant can help you to keep on top of the regulations and stay compliant.

3. Update Programs

Hackers always look for new exploits in the program and create new tools all the time. When developers find these vulnerabilities, they patch the programs to close them up. If you're not updating your programs when a patch is due though, then your systems aren't protected.

Set your programs to search for updates on a regular basis. If there isn't an update search function, make sure you schedule times to manually check for updates.

4. Control Access

Prevent access to business computers by unauthorized people.

Laptops are easy targets for thieves so set them to lock up when unattended. Encourage your staff to always lock their computers when they are away from their desks.

You want to make sure each separate user has their own protected account. Only allow administrative privileges to trusted IT staff and key personnel.

5. Educate

Education is as important as doing everything right. If your employees aren't trained they can cause breaches by accident. The internet can be a dangerous place.

Every company will receive dodgy emails and phishing scams. You want to train your employees to know how to spot and avoid them these attacks.

You should also train employees how to post online without revealing trade secrets. If your employees do their part, you can focus your time on more important things than damage mitigation!.

Use These Cybersecurity Tips

By following these 5 cybersecurity tips, you will go a long way to improve your cybersecurity. Remember, the digital landscape is always changing, so stay up to date with your legal requirements and best practices.

With your company protected from cyber threats, check out how to boost traffic and make the internet work for your business.

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