5 Things To Know Before Starting Self-Hosted Blog

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, January 28, 2019
For months you’ve been contemplating starting a blog, as a way to showcase your interests and talents while teaching people about a topic that you are passionate about. Unfortunately, it isn't enough to throw a ton of content on a page and call it a blog.

5 Things To Know Before Starting Self-Hosted Blog

5 Things to know about starting a self-hosted blog

Let’s start and see what all you should consider before starting a self-hosted blog. If you are serious about a career as a professional blogger, there are a few things that you need to know.

#1 Set Goals

While you may have already decided on the niche that you'll be blogging about, you still need to have a clear understanding of your goals for the blog. Without establishing achievable and quantitative objectives, you won't accomplish much. Setting goals gives you both long-term vision and short-term motivation, according to MindTools. When you think about the goals for your blog you want to be sure to set goals with measurable quantities, set deadlines for completing your goal and try not to consider failure as an option.

#2 A Self-Hosting Blog is Best

If you want your blog to provide you with an income eventually, then you need to get a self-hosted blog. Even though you will need to buy a domain name and pay for hosting, it will be worth the investment when you start to make money from your blog. The best hosting 2019 companies make the entire process simple with easy setup and installation. You’ll also need to factor in the expenses for your theme, testing, and marketing.

#3 Google Analytics is Vital

Google's free analytics tool can be your new best friend when you learn how to use it correctly. It can help you come up with new blog topic ideas and lets you see if a subject that you've already blogged about is worth revisiting. The tool also provides you with the data that you need to find out where your visitors are coming from, how long they spend on your site, and the platforms they are accessing it from. According to the site Yola, having access to your site analytics will help you understand your visitors' behavior, so you can better optimize your website.

#4 Keep your Quality Consistent

When you start a blog that you are hoping to earn an income from, it is essential that you provide posts that are relevant and filled with value-added information. If you've committed to writing a new post every week, each of those posts must give value to your audience. Your readers want to know that each post that you provide will be as insightful and engaging as the last one.

#5 Patience is Essential

Your favorite blogger didn't just start to write one day and end up with hundreds of followers the next. Each one worked hard to get where they are today. It is essential that you are patient when it comes to your blog. When you first start, take the time to focus on your visitors by looking at their comments, social media shares, and emails to determine how you can continue to improve your site.

Wrapping it up!

Starting a blog can be incredibly time-consuming and challenging. There are a lot of steps that you will need to take before you can even publish your first blog. Avoid common mistakes, and you will be well on your way to a long and happy career as a blogger. If you’re just starting with the blogging, you may check how to start a WordPress blog from scratch. Or if you’re looking for the free blog, check how to start a free blog on blogger platform.
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