5 Roofing Marketing Strategies That'll Get Your Business More Leads

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, January 24, 2019
The roofing industry is taking off (excuse the pun). Total revenue in 2018 was $47 billion with over 100,000 businesses in the U.S. Are you one of them? How much of that $47 billion comes from your business? Do you want more?

If you do, you need to think seriously about your roofing marketing. In the past, the best marketing was word of mouth and customer referral. That is still true but there are other marketing strategies that are competing for customers that are very effective and wider-reaching.

So, here are 5 marketing strategies that will get your business more leads.

1. If You Don't Ask - You Won't Get

Try to view customer reviews the same way you view closing a sale for a contract. Be determined to get a positive review from your client. No job is complete unless you have some form of feedback.

Positive reviews and statistics are a powerful tool in generating trust with future potential customers. Make it easy for your clients to give positive feedback. Keep it simple and make sure your business stays on the radar. Give your customers free stationery.

2. Get Googled

Ranking high on Google is the key to attracting visitors to your website. For some industries, this can be a huge challenge. Having a specific industry like roofing that in itself is not web-based is a big advantage in being found. This is because you are competing with fewer sites than those associated with online business.

You need to use Google's My Business to create a business listing on Google that will give details of your service including your address and contact details. In fact, this may already be on Google but you may need to claim it.

3. Create Social Value

Make sure you have some form of popular social media. This could be Facebook or another site. Keep it up to date with your contact details and regularly post content. This would be an excellent place to publish your feedback and customer reviews.

The number of people following your site and their feedback will give you social value that is worth something in the eyes of potential customers. The nice thing about Facebook is that people will not only see you as a business but as a person and that goes a long way in building trust and credibility.

4. Widen Your Network

The area you serve with your business will have many other businesses that you could benefit from in forming a network. For example, a hardware shop that sells all sorts of materials for the home would be an excellent place to go in and meet the owner.

You could collaborate in sharing marketing materials. You could post an advert for them on your website or Facebook page, and they could reciprocate. At the very least you could leave your business cards at the hardware shop.

5. Watch the Weather

There isn't a roofer in the country that doesn't know what the weather is doing. No, we are talking about watching the weather so you can get smart about creating leads.

For example, you could use some form of storm tracking software, app or website. This will help you to see where there are potential opportunities to direct your marketing effort effectively.

In towns with a recent storm, you could contact the homes of people directly or market to them through your Facebook. A great idea is to offer a free storm check. There is no doubt there are lots of opportunities to get creative in marketing for roofers.

Roofing Marketing - Last Thought

There is almost no limit to the roofing marketing strategies you could develop for your business. That said a tried and tested method to help promote your online presence is the faithful blog.

Have you got one? If not, you need to get one. Check out this article which will help you get started.

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