Building Bigger Profits: How Residential Architecture Firms Can Make More Money

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, January 11, 2019
How do residential architecture firms make money?

Like any business, having a consistent stream of revenue is a challenge. In fact, cash flow, or lack of, is consistently cited as a top reason why businesses fail.

What usually happens is the up and down roller coaster. You work really hard on marketing to generate leads. You get leads and clients, then you have to stop marketing so you can service those clients. Those projects are done, and then you have an empty pipeline and have to start all over again.

Does your residential firm have to be that way? No, of course not. There are many ways for the smallest firms to stay competitive and have a consistent stream of clients and cash flow. Read on to learn the top ways you can up your residential architect firm today.

What's Your Business Model?

You have the talent. You have the drive. You can serve clients better than any architect. Yet, if your pricing structure is off, then you could be losing money.

Do you find yourself adding on services because you weren't clear with your clients what your initial services were? Maybe clients expect a full range of services, even though they're paying for basic services.

If that's how your business model is at the moment, now is the perfect time to change it.

You need a business model that can serve your firm, so can serve your residential clients, not drain resources from your company.

How do you do that?

Have different levels of architectural services for residential customers. Here's how it can look:

Have a basic suite of services that you offer clients. Then, additional services like interior design, estimating, rendering, and kitchen designs are all add on services.

How many times have you heard "Oh, that's not included?" when speaking with your clients? By making it clear from the outset what your firm does and can do for an additional fee, you're setting a boundary and expectations with your clients.

To further help your firm's architects set the expectations with your clients, it's very important that your services and add-on services are outlined in your contract. Your account manager should also go over these points of the contract with the client.

You'll make more money, have better client relationships, and plug a massive hole in your firm that's leaking money.

Raise Your Rates

There's probably a certain type of client you're working with right now. The one that wants everything under the sun and doesn't want to pay for it.

That stems mostly from your business model and your pricing. If you give clients everything they want for little money, you're going to resent the project and the client.

That's not why you got into the architecture business. You got into to it because it's something that you love to do. You want to serve clients well and make money, not haggle over everything.

When you change your business model up, you can take your business a step further by raising your rates. Yes, you can raise your rates. It's scary because you think that your clients are going to go away. That's a normal thought and that's what keeps many residential architecture firms from doing that.

What actually happens is that the old clients who want every service imaginable and drain your resources go away. They don't like the fact that they can't get what they want and they'll have to pay more.

What will happen is that you'll attract a different type of client to your firm. One that respects what you do and is willing to pay for it.

Your business will be in better shape because of it and you'll enjoy your work and your clients.

Get More Clients

Of course, you can always get more clients to generate more revenue for your architect firm. How you go about doing that will depend on the type of clients you want to work with.

You need to put yourself in the client's shoes and get inside their head for a bit. You need to learn what their pain points are. If they were to look online for help designing or redesigning their home, how would the search for information and services?

That's what you need to consider first.

There are a ton of marketing ideas out there, but what are the ones you should use to bring clients to your business? Let's look at two ways to market your firm that can have a big impact.


Getting to the top of search results is a boon for any business. For an architect firm, it can be a huge boost in clients. A client usually clicks on the first few results, which can give you a big advantage.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one important aspect of marketing for architects. It helps with SEO, positions your firm as experts in your area, and can tie in with other forms of marketing like social media.

The best thing about content marketing is that it gives people a reason to visit your website again, keeping your firm top of mind.

Have You Thought About Selling Products?

Residential architecture firms work on projects that involve fixtures, lighting, flooring, accessories, and furniture.

Why not sell them directly to the customer? You can buy them at wholesale prices or at discount from the vendor and mark them up a small percentage for a profit.

That's an additional revenue stream right there. It may not be a huge revenue stream, especially at first, but it can make a difference in your bottom line.

Marketing for Residential Architecture Firms

Generating more revenue for residential architecture firms isn't easy. It's a very competitive marketplace and for many architects, they are stuck between making money and working with less than stellar clients.

You have a lot of options available. You can raise your rates, change your business model, or market your business to get more clients.

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