5 Reasons Why Your Website Visitors Are Leaving Your Website

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, December 17, 2018
If you have a website for your business, then you should think of it as being the online equivalent of your storefront. Just as you wouldn’t want there to be anything visible at your brick-and-mortar location that would scare away potential customers, you need to make sure that your website is optimized in such a way that no one is repelled by anything as soon as they get to your landing page. Here are five reasons that leads may leave as quickly as they arrived.

You may find thousands of websites having millions of traffic, but their page duration is in few seconds. Why this happens?

We'll look for certain reasons why website visitors leave the website so quickly. We have earlier discussed how to convert visitors to customers as well. You may look through that to get a better idea.

It just takes 3 seconds to the users to scan the website and decide whether to stay or not. The below infographic makes it clearer!

#1 Outdated Graphics

You want your website to have a modern look, with current themes that are representative of your niche. If you have graphics that look like they belong to a website that would have been around twenty years ago, it’s going to make people feel like you’re behind the times. You may wish to look at a marketing strategy through Winn Technology Group or a similar service to make sure that the appearance of your site is up to par.

#2 Slow Loading Speeds

This is probably the single greatest reason that people turn away from websites, especially if they are trying to bring up a site via a mobile device. Google penalizes sites that load too slowly, and with good reason. Nothing is more frustrating and leads to a higher bounce rate than a site that takes more than a few seconds to load.

A potential customer should ideally be able to see everything on your landing page within three seconds or less. Here is a detailed guide on how to reduce page load time. I have followed the same method to reduce page load time for many of my blog and you can do so. Here is another image showing how bad, slow loading website impact on the business.

#3 Lack of Clarity

It seems elementary, but you would be surprised how many websites don’t explain what it is that the company does or the services and products that it offers at the top of their landing page. As soon as you arrive at a site for the first time, you should understand what it’s all about. The mission statement, encapsulated in one or two sentences, should be immediately noticeable when you arrive. If it isn’t, you need to go back and rework your landing page.

#4 Poor UX

UX refers to user experience, and that translates to how easily a visitor can navigate your site. If a potential customer arrives and they struggle to find the service or product for which they were searching, they will quickly become frustrated and leave. Remember that not all people are as web-savvy as others. Your site should be so easy that even a novice computer user should be able to figure out all of its features.

#5 Low-Quality Images

The images on your site should be crisp, clear, and professional. If they aren’t formatted correctly, they’re the wrong size, or they look like they were taken from the bottom of a swimming pool, you need to go back and redo them. The images that you use should convince people that they should buy from you, not baffle them.

Bottom Line

Your website is not something that you should hastily cobble together and hope for the best. You or someone you hire needs to make sure that it is fully optimized and there are no noticeable errors either in formatting, grammar, or overall user experience. If your site is a mess, then it speaks poorly of your company, and it is highly likely you will lose some business as a result.

Also, there can be many more reasons which may force users to leave the website, but these are the major one. So, you should work on these items to get more trusted users and page views.
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