How to convert your Visitors into Loyal Readers

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, December 18, 2016
When you’ll talk to any authority blogger or a new blogger they will tell you, you must build your email list from the very first day of blogging. This is the real strength. And this is true also. Loyal readers are those who keep on checking your blog for any new topic either by visiting your blog regularly or by subscribing you.

The loyal readers will always check your blog and also contribute by commenting and sharing. So by following them you add the subscription box on your blog and keep on waiting for someone to subscribe you.

But does everyone really get a decent subscription? Does everyone able to convert visitors into Loyal Readers? After some time you start getting irritated and start thinking whether that trick was real or not. Of course that was but then why you’re not getting subscriber even though you have good traffic?

convert visitors into Loyal Readers
Visitors doesn’t simply subscribe to any blog they visit. You need to provide some strong reasons that tell the visitors to come back again. And once you’re be able to give this reason, believe me they are definitely going to subscribe you. There are various parameters which attract the visitors and force to subscriber your blog and become the loyal readers. Today I’ll be discussing those various parameters which will convert your visitors into loyal readers. So here it is How to convert your Visitors into Loyal Readers.

Blog Design and Navigation

This is the very first step which will ensure whether the visitors that have landed on your blog are going to be your readers or not. You should have a simple and attracting design with easy navigation so that anyone can easily handle that. You should have proper logo; social media options as well as few necessary gadgets.

If you are lacking in the design, think once and get the blog redesigned. Give your blog a professional look. You can read my article How to Choose an Effective Template for Blog. Here I have explained all the aspect to select the best design for your blog.

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Make your Home page more Powerful

Home page of any blog is the most visited page. You can check the analytic and you’ll find this page as the most visited. So you should design it in such a way that it can be used as your landing page. You should use this page in such a way that it should attract your visitors.

Suppose you’re selling some product through your website. So what you’ll keep on your home page where most of your customer will land? Of course you’ll provide few products and a strong reason to buy those products.

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Same applies here also. Here your blog posts are your product and the visitors are your customers. You should design home page in such a way that it provides the details of blog posts as well as a reason to read those post and subscribe you too.

Be Influencing and Bold

This is a very important step. While writing a blog post you should think about the post topic and content you’re going to write. Don’t simply write the repetitive topics which have already been written thousands of times.

If that topic still has much importance which attracts you to write on that share your thought in a unique way so that once your visitors will read your article they will feel your own views which are very important.

Also, whatever you’re saying in your articles should have much relevance and whatever tips you’re sharing should have importance so that when your visitors will implement those tips, it should help them.

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New Subscription Methods

Yes! You should always keep on trying new methods of subscription. Generally, I see people place a subscription box in the right sidebar and expect visitors to subscribe through that box. This is not very much effective. You should always try the new methods and those methods which convert. You can place a subscription box just at the end of your article. This will help your visitors who have read complete article to subscribe easily.

Also, I am sure you must have heard about the HelloBar. Use this awesome API on your site. You can see a subscription box at the top of this site which is always visible even if you’re at the bottom of the page. This has helped me a lot in getting more subscribers. This API is completely free if you’re not going to use their premium feature.

Give an Offer to the Subscriber

This is the best way to attract the subscriber. Give something in return to them. These offers can be anything like an e-book, a template, free premium advice, giveaway etc. These attract the visitors to subscribe your blog posts. Make sure the titles of those offers are attractive. Suppose you’re providing an e-book in return then try to keep the title of the book attractive like if the book is in traffic, you can keep the title as Get assured 500 visitors a day on your Blog or something like this.

Make a cool About Us page

Again after the home page, about us, a page is the second most visited page on any blog. So you should take care of it too. Whenever I visit any blog for the first time after reading an article, I definitely read the about us page and I am sure you too must be doing this. Try to make this page attractive. Write enough about your blog as well as yourself and add a subscription box here too.

You can place the box at the end of your intro or even you can create a separate subscription box pages and redirect your users from other pages to the subscription page. Many bloggers who have much content on about us page uses more than one subscription box also.

Write About your Achievements

Have you seen any successful person who does not want to talk about their success and achievements? Same applies to here also. You should also share your achievements on your blog as well as write how you achieved that and how any other can get that too. Like before few days I got AdSense approval. I got the approval in very first attempt and that too with a blog which was not even 2 months old. So this was an achievement for me and so I wrote a complete blog post on that. I also explained how I got that and how any other can do it too.

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You should also do the same. This will leave a positive impression to your readers and they get confidence that the person that is providing tips here has also achieved this and so I should do too. By this way, you’ll be able to get a good number of the subscriber.

Add Call to Action in the Blog Posts

You should ask your readers to subscribe you in the articles. If you’re writing a lengthy blog post, you can ask couple of times like below-
  • Suppose you’ve written an article of 2500 words then after completing 100-1200 words, you can ask- Hope you’re enjoying the post and already you’ve reached 1200 words so why don’t you subscribe us to get all the notification directly in your inbox for free. Like these, you may write some attractive lines.
  • At the end of the article you must say to subscribe. You can write something like this-

    Thanks for reading this post; I hope you’ve enjoyed the tips here today and that you’re going to use them on your blog and websites. I would love to be able to share with you more practical and proven blogging tips in the future, so please consider signing up to my email newsletter for more updates. We assure you to send only quality updates and your information is 100% secured with us.

If you’re writing small posts then also you should ask at the end of the article like the second points as discussed above.

Keep Updating your Blog

As I discussed in earlier posts also, you should keep consistency with your blog posts. No matter how many article you write in a week but you should maintain the frequency. This helps your readers to make a strong connection with you as well as your blog.

Consistency in a blog post not only will help you to connect with your visitors in a good way but this is also getting loved by search engines too.

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Add a Dedicated Subscription Page

This step is not compulsory but this will add a positive impression to your blog readers as well as advertisers. Create a dedicated page to subscribe your blog and give proper explanation and the reason why anyone should join you.

On the homepage or any other page you don’t get much space to justify yourself but after creating a dedicated page you’ll be able to give a strong reason to your visitors to subscribe you. Write everything like what offer you’re providing, explain that in short also.

Write how you assure the subscribers that their information won’t get shared anywhere etc. Believe me, this will result to a good number of subscribing for your blog.

Wrapping It Up!

If you want to take your blog to next level and want to earn good money, you should build a good number of subscribers. The visitors who have subscribed you is much more times effective than the visitors who don’t have any connection with your blog. So start building the list and send only those updates which you find will be relevant.

These are simple tips which you can easily implement on your blogs and can get success. After this post, I’m sure you must be able to convert your Visitors into Loyal Readers.

I’m also sure you must be using some awesome ideas to build your email list, please do share those in the comments. I and my readers will love to read and implement those too.

If you liked this post, I will love to send you such awesome post in your inbox so please subscribe us. Thanks for your time and keep visiting.
Ashutosh Jha

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12 comments to ''How to convert your Visitors into Loyal Readers"

  1. Hi Ashu,

    How are you doing today?

    The title is very interesting to read. Well chosen. :)

    I shared this post on twitter and instantly one of my friend from New Jersey was quite happy with the post. He is learning to blog. And this is an amazing guide. :)

    Having a dedicated subscription page, updating the blog regularly and Call to action Boxes sound cool. I will try having them. I would first love to see your subscription page then I will make my own because I have no idea how to make one. Recently I used a Call to action which prompted users to download a free e-book by Niks. And the response was quite good.

    As the first impression a reader gets is from a blog design so I think we need to be extra careful there.

    Thanks for sharing some useful tips to get some loyal readers. By the way, I am your loyal reader but lately I could not follow up the blog, sorry about that. :)

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Rohan,

      This was a wonderful feedback bro and thanks for sharing. I'm glad that you and your friend liked this.

      Subscription page is a superb idea and i have seen this dedicated page in few blogs and i'm working to create for my blog too. As soon as i will finish this, i'll share with you.

      And yes i saw your call to implementation action on your blog and today i'll definitely download that. Thanks for being with us and your support.


  2. Hi Ashu,

    Indeed informative post. I read all your thoughts and I'm sure this post will definitely help budding bloggers to convert their visitors of blog in to loyal readers and they can make money easily.

    I loved your thought on "give new subscription method" and thanks for your views on that. I'll try that and today I came to about "Hello bar" plugin. If you see in my blog, I didn't place any plugin for subscribers and I was thinking to buy some plugin. Many of them suggested/I saw many positive reviews on "optin monster" where it could get 6000 visitors.

    May i know your thought on that ? And after, I'll go for subscriber plugin.

    To Adesnse Account: My adsense account has been disabled, because, few years back before I applied for my blogger blog, Due to suspicious click, it got disabled. Now is it possible for me to apply adsense to my same account (same gmail account )

    All other things was wonderful and I liked and really worth post :)

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Siva,

      Thanks for your wonderful feedback bro. Hello Bar is the one of the best plugin to attract the visitors as it will stick at the top and even if you scroll, it will be visible. So once you appeal readers to subscribe you they need not to find where to do that. Just above it will be available.
      I checked your site and i loved it. I'll read your posts as i have found some of those really interesting today. Also yes you have not installed any plugin yet. You can use option monster but I don’t think they provide any free account. If you are able to do initial investment it is very good as it uses mouse cursor position to detect the activity on the system. And whenever you are about cut the window it will show a pop up asking to subscribe. So there are still a chance that visitor can subscribe you. Whereas Hello bar is completely free. So initially you can try hello bar and later can use optionmonter with some investment.
      Coming to AdSense: I don’t think you will be able to apply with the same id again. Because once you’ll open the account with that id, it will show a message regarding rejection. I would suggest you to use any other id and you’ll easily get approval. You can go through one of my post on adsense-
      Again many thanks for your feedback and let me know for any other question. I would be very happy to assist you bro.

  3. Great points on blog design. I believe that people are very visual and it is important to have a blog design that is not only professional but engaging. If you blog design is not appealing you stand the chance of losing the prospect forever. As you know, we only have about 8 seconds to capture the attention of the visitor.

    I like you thoughts about being influential and bold. We have have to bring a uniqueness to our blog. Writing about the same topics is boring and is nothing new that the visitor has not already seen before. Give them a reason to want to engage with you on your blog.

    We can do a lot to build our lists. Making changes to our blogs and trying new things is important. It is all about testing and more testing. We also should have a very strong call to action. Let the visitor know what we want them to do. They should not have to guess.

    Just today I was speaking to Carol Amato and she really made me realize the importance of keeping the visitor engaged on OUR blogs. This means we must be careful in adding anything to our blogs that will cause the reader to click off. An example of that would be social media.

    If we have social media icons everywhere the reader could like us but never come back to our blog because they got distracted once they clicked off and went over to a social media platform. In the future I plan to place all of my social media icons on my contact page. This way I give the reader one thing to do, and that is sign up for my list to receive a free gift and more information.

    Great article and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Nat for the superb feedback !!

      Design plays a very important role in the success and thanks for providing the 8 sec tips sir :)

      You've really shared a nice thought here about social media buttons and yes it may do. This can be amazing. Kindly let me know once you'll implement this.


  4. Hai Ashutosh

    First of all title was awesome nice choice

    Good thought in NEW SUBSCRIPTION method, it'll worth 100%

    and also "offer to subscribers" this is awesome thought for getting new subscribers regularly

    Any way thank You for sharing your thoughts

    1. Thanks Ajay for providing your feedback here.

      And yes new subscription methods work well. I have tried it :)

  5. Hi Ashutosh

    Every blogger wants to have loyal readers and this is the best feedback one can get in his blog so creating this post was so timely.

    Blog design is most certainly important. If you blog isn't appealing, it is going to scare readers. Being bold and influential is a great tip; readers enjoy an out of the box post. I also agree with you that one should try new methods for subscription box as seeing the same box make cause too much familiarity. Also dedicated subscription page are great but I have not tried such strategy.

    I think that an about page is a necessity because how would one be able to connect with you if they don't know you. Thanks for an awesome post.

    1. Hi Ikechi,

      Subscribers are something that decide the fortune of any online business. If we've loyal readers no matter how much other traffic we get, we'll get success.

      And new methods are always appreciable and necessary too. As you told readers enjoy out of box post. This is mandatory in this competitive world. I've also not tried the subscription page but definitely going to do that.

      Thanks again for the wonderful comment :)

  6. Hi Ashtoush,
    Awesome post which contain very useful information about How to convert your Visitors into Loyal Readers. Very interesting and informative article. I liked it. I hope it will helped me. Great points included in the post. Thanks for sharing views. Have a great week ahead.

    1. Thanks Ajay and I'm glad that you liked this post.

      Have a great weekend bro !!


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