How to Set Up a Great YouTube Office for Video Production

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Creating YouTube videos is so much more than video editing or after effects. If you don’t have great footage, to begin with then all the editing and promoting in the world cannot help you. Thankfully, setting up a great studio for yourself is not out of reach or out of budget. You can have a great set-up with ease right from the start, but you will need to prepare this space for the future. Invest correctly, choose correctly, and all your money will go towards building up a successful and powerful digital brand:

Clean Up the Space and Organize It

If you have a lot of items that you need to be stored away, then forget hiding it in nooks and crannies and instead put it all out in the open in a heavy duty strong storage system from G Rack. This way you can store everything you need, from video equipment, to sound equipment, to even props and other necessary items in one place. As it is all out in the open, you will easily be able to see what you have and what you can use. Just remember to keep it out of sight from your shot.

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Create a Fun Backdrop for Video

A fun backdrop can add some interest and most importantly make you memorable to the eyes of your viewers. It could be a bunch of posters; it could be books, it could be string lights – whatever suits your brand image. Just remember to put it up on a flat wall that is well positioned for your video set-up.

Set up Your Lights

One of the big differences between professional and amateur video is the lighting. Get studio lights, for example, and set them one up on each side of your face and you can be well lit, easy to see, and above all else look like you are one of the professionals. Versions of these lights are not particularly expensive nowadays either and can be easily budgeted for.

Create a Productive Office Space Area

Having a great studio set-up is step. The next will be to create a productive office space so that you can commit to editing, marketing, and all the other necessary digital components of your online brand. It should be well organized, clean, and easy to concentrate. You want to be productive on a regular basis, so if you keep getting distracted by something remove it. The only way you will become a success is if you commit to the work and aim to grow your account every day.

Never underestimate the physical space when it comes to creating a successful YouTube channel. You need to have a great backdrop, have a well-lit area, and of course a solid video and sound recording set-up in order to succeed. Finish it all off with a productive office space, and you can really get into the process. With a touch of luck you could even become a huge hit online.
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