7 Top Beauty startups In 2018

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, October 2, 2018
The beauty industry is becoming more and more high-tech every year. What new came up this year?

There is a brand, but there is no idea!

What do the Silicon Valley and Lady Gaga have in common? New project! The star patented its trademark "Haus Beauty" in advance. Executive Director Ben Jones hopes Lady Gaga's name will ensure the entire campaign success. In any case, the singer's startup has already received sponsorship support of $10 million. The sponsor was the venture fund Lightspeed Venture Partners (one of the largest in Silicon Valley).

#1 Wanna Nails- Smartphone instead of imagemaker

The new application Wanna Nails will replace the consultant in the cosmetics store. Varnishes for nails can be "tried on" online. At the same time, different lighting options, skin color and even clothes style are available. Through this application, you can immediately buy goods for manicure from the Amazon platform.

#2 Function of Beauty- Individuality in everything

What about the shampoo and hair conditioner for you? The site Function of Beauty creators will provide you with this service. It is enough to indicate the hair type in the questionnaire and select the target (humidification, straightening, color protection or any other). Shampoo and conditioner for individual recipes will be delivered to the house in laconic bottles with the owner's name.

#3 Kolibree- The beauty industry has reached even children

The Kolibree company has released a toothbrush with the function of connecting to smartphones. Need to download the application Magic Mirror. Battling monsters in the game, the child thoroughly cleans his teeth.

#4 Glossier-Skincare & Beauty Products

Glossier is a skincare and beauty product company offering wide ranges of fashion related products which are inspired by real-life. Started by the founder of into the glass, Emily Weiss, Glossier is growing very rapidly. They have recently bagged a hilarious $24 million series B round funding which will be spent on expansion. This funding will also be used for international shipping and launching of new products. It’ll be interesting to see how Emily is using that money to make Glossier even more strong.

#5 Milk Makeup- Live your look

Founded in 2016, Milk Makeup is another entry to girl’s orbit. You can say Milk Makeup as the more colorful entry in the market of Glossier. To use the products of Milk Makeup, you don’t need the brush and it is as per the market demand.

#6 Memebox- Beauty box

This Korean company secured over $160 million of funding is one of the fastest growing company in fashion segment. Memebox majorly promote the Korean product but later they moved online as well and secured a total sale of $100 million in a year.

#7 Seed Beauty- Changing face of beauty

Have you heard and used the products of Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics?

Then you’ve already using the products of Seed beauty!

They started their operation in 2014 and since then have launched several products in the international market successfully. The best thing with the Seed Beauty products is, they are achievable to everyone. You’ll find their price ranging in between $5-$8 which can be afforded by anyone and so they became quite famous in US market.

Bonamark-Trademark registration

If you have a valuable business idea, register a trademark before it is implemented. You can do this without leaving home. For example, using online service Bonamark. On the site you can verify the brand uniqueness and perform its marketing analysis.

Innovative technologies are rapidly filling our lives. In time, a patented idea can bring good dividends to its owner.
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